Peanut butter

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  1. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Hi fellow low carbers!

    Is peanut butter a good low carb snack? If so what do you have it with?
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  3. Dolly_30

    Dolly_30 Member

    Might sound weird but my OH has peanut butter spread onto celery sticks! X
  4. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    What about low carb protein peanut butter cookies? X

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  5. nzmegs

    nzmegs Silver Member

    make sure your peanut butter is sugar free. There is only one variety in Uk supermarkets which is totally sugar free (whole earth) - so read labels. Meridien from Holland and Barrett is also a good option.

    But take care. peanuts are around 10-15 carbs per 100g. that is alot and easy to eat. I treat myself to a square of dark chocolate spread with peanut butter most nights. but I am at my target weight. if you are losing it might be wise to cut it out for now.
  6. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Thanks, have seen the whole earth one, just thinking for those evenings when you need something, wouldn't have it every night. Well done on getting to target, did you low carb?
  7. toofatkat

    toofatkat Not such a fat kat now :)

    Make your own then there's nothing else added at all. Buy a bag of peanuts, roast them lightly on a baking tray for about half an hour. Then rub off most of the skins. Blitz in a food processor for about 10 minutes. They will go like crumbs then look doughy and lumpy, persevere and keep them blitzing. Don't be tempted to add any oil as in a couple if minutes the natural oils will be released and you'll get lovely creamy peanut butter. Keeps really well in a Tupperware style container and is free from every nasty going. 100% peanut

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  8. nzmegs

    nzmegs Silver Member

    I originally did Lighter Life, then went low carb straight after. i never reintroduced carbs as I knew that would lead to weight gain for me. I have kept the weight off for nearly a year by staying carb free.

    henry - these are not really good low carb options :) Most of us avoid bread, popcorn and pancakes...
  9. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Hi I must say I prefer cashew or almond butter :) as they are true nut butters :)

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  10. SamanthaJones

    SamanthaJones Is on a mission.

    I like almond and cashew nut butters too. My fav thing is to have them spread on slices of apple.
  11. aniauk83

    aniauk83 Full Member

    peanut butter on apple slice? wicked idea! i have to try this!
  12. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Mmmmm me too, thanks for the tip!
  13. tekniicolor

    tekniicolor Full Member

    I have recently started having almond butter which I really love though a bit more expensive than peanut, has a higher protein content though.
  14. Karen09

    Karen09 Member

    I think Cashew Nut Butter is better for you than peanut butter, tastes good too!
  15. Jeg57

    Jeg57 Full Member

    I love celery filled with peanut butter and topped with phili cream cheese! Heaven!
    Who says dieting has to tough?!!

    TRISTAR Silver Member

    Just check the labels when looking to buy your peanut butter. Some are pretty low. I usually like to eat some off a spoon every once in a while as a treat
  17. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    There is a brand (I think it's called PB2) and it's powdered peanut butter which you make up yourself or add to smoothies etc and it's a lot lower than most brands out there in fats, carbs, sugars etc. I bought mine off Amazon and got it 2 days later and it tastes fine.
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