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Peed off :@

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :mad: i HAVE to have a planned "blip" next sat! in-laws are coming down for the weekend and OH has offered to take the to Red Hot Buffet! Im dreading it :cry: Now i didnt think id ever say that again lol! And then.. its my lil mans bday the following friday so were going to a pub! Im going to try and eat healthly, and if i only eat them two days, would it really hurt? Im dreading it so bad, Im only going to eat them meals, not have the full day off like i used to and straight back on SS the next day until xmas!
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is a naughty girl...
plan ahead, can you find menus? Why not see if there is a chicken salad and hold the dressing? Do you really have to go off plan, can you not eat? say your tummy is sensitive. I have sat in resturants before and watched people eat. x
its an all you can eat restraunt with everything, chinese, indian, english but its cooked infront of you so its not that fattening like the normal stuff full of grease
just try and stay high protein avoid the rice / potato's and desserts and most importantly dont do the all you can eat stick to reasonable portions
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Hi Kimmie
I agree with the above poster, plan ahead. On Tuesday i met a colleague and we had a lunch meeting, I drank sparkling water and stated that i had a dodgy stomach and didn't want to risk it!! (may have said pink chicken and hubbys cooking so bug alert was averted :D)....
Is there not a way that you could change venue (hubby is really supportive of you, and i hope i have the right person when i say this but he is taking you away for your birthday?) so i'm sure he would want to encourage as opposed to sabotage your excellent losses...even if the inlaws like that particular restaurant you could just say on the night that they were booked up and you heard about another place that was recommended to you. (eat a chicken/tuna etc salad).
The following week you are hosting the party for your son so can do what you please with regards to eating, again choose a salad so you stay in ketosis and with all the pampering of your boy and your guests you should be able to stay out of your seat long enough for any guests to suspect!!
I am just getting my own head round this as i am away with work next week and have sussed that i am going to eat brekkie in my room (shake!) a bar for lunch and eat a salad or meat and green veg for the dinners which are formal...i have no intention of being knocked out of ketosis and do not want to not lose the max weight..I am on countdown for my holiday to Oz and after watching bondi beach do not want to look like a beached whale whilst all the fit aussie girls parade in itzy bikinis near me any my fella :eek:
Also i am realising that utilising this forward planning structure for meals out/events is brilliant training for when i eventually get into maintanence as if i do not recognise and change my current patterns of eating behaviour i am going to be straight back to where i started over 3 stone overweight.
Best of luck, you can do it just look at how brilliant you have done for the past two weeks..
Dolls x


WILL be Slim!
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we have a red hot near us, and its yum, but there is a world of temptation behind those doors!
Personally, i would have a shake litterally in the car on the way there (damage limitation) and then go for the carb/wheat/fat free stuff, so basically, anything chicken, and then just salad/veg with it! NO pud!!!
The pub, chicken salad and then just "pick" at it if necessary.

Carbs will add the glycogen back on so avoid like the plague!

and good luck hun


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