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Peeing for Britain?


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Oh good grief... I have never pee'd so much in my life. Sorry if that's TMI :eek:

I know you generally pee a lot on week 1 because you are losing fluid, but I'm getting to the end of week three and am still peeing for Queen and country. It feels like my knickers are more down than up at the moment :silly::giggle:

Sorry, it's Monday morning, hubby has gone to work, daughter has gone to nursery and I'm enjoying the silence although I'm in a bit of a silly mood LOL
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Is so very nearly there!
Ha ha ha ha I get like that too :) How much loo roll do I get thru for a family of 3 (DD is still in nappies) We use about 4 rolls a week :/


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Only 4 rolls a week? LOL. There are three adults and a 3 year old who thinks loo roll is for decorating the bathroom!

LOL Paul, you'll be telling us to split the loo roll into single ply next ;)


Is so very nearly there!
Ah there only 2 adults and one 6 yr old....

1 sheet - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!
Hahaha Tiz

I know what you mean.. last night I got up 4 times .. I never went to bed till gone 2.30 and was so fed up come 6.00 it was easier just to get up!!

Yikes we would go through approx 8 rolls a week... but daughter used it to blow her nose so will be a lot less now she has moved out :cry:
Toilet roll usage - we used to go through about 12+ rolls a week when my middle daughter was at home. You could hear the loo roll being pulled down and down and down and down. I did try to tell her that she really only need to use 4/5 pieces at a time (not just the 1 Paul, although I suppose you could fold it in 4 :rolleyes:), but it all fell on deaf ears. Now its only me and hubby we are down to between 2 and 3 a week - I think. Am very extravagent with kitchen rolls though!
recently i havent been able to not go to the toilet during the night, i go before i go to sleep and im usually up anywhere between 2-4 for a wee and the same again in the morning
Hmmm, I wonder if we should start a pee'athon and raise money for charity LOL

Mind you, I don't think I'd like to be the official pee measurer at the end of the week :D
[email protected] kitchen rolls Christina. I'm the same way.

My 18yr old son is the one that uses all the loo roll. I'm sure he must eat it!
Have you noticed though that when they have to pay for it themselves they don't seem to use half as much and/or buy the top market brands that they like to use so much when we are paying. Mine used to moan if I bought supermarkets own make, though I am sure that's what she buys now.

My daughter had the cheek to say that it was my fault that she only liked the nice stuff (like Heinz beans :eek:!!!) because that's what I always buy. Yes I do, but I don't only use a quarter of the tin and then throw the rest away and I don't use a whole toilet roll in one go, etc, etc.

I love it when things that I have said to my kids as kids are being said to them now by their kids - they come to me and tell me what the little uns have been up to at school, have said, done, etc and I just have to laugh, especially when your kids have told you that they would never let their kids do this or that and pass judgment on your parenting skills - one should never say never I tell them cos it does all come back and bite you on the a*** when you least expect it to. Don't you just love karma :giggle:
im going into week 6 this wed and im still peeing for england !!!!


soon to be skinny minnie
I have been peeing for scotland but i'm drinking loadz more fluid. We go through about a toilet roll a day. My oh keeps saying we need to try and cut back as we are using too much. To which i reply that if him and my son started actually lifting the toilet seat to pee instead of leaving it down, i wouldn't have to use so much loo roll to wipe the seat !!!!

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