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Pennys Weight loss diary!

Okay well i lost 55lbs last year on this website...I started a new great job! going through a nasty divorce and am raising my two yr old daughter on my own! Life is great all in all! But i am a big stress eater so i have gained back 10lbs and not hit my goal weight..Now is the time to do it! I will be sticking to a strict diet..You may not agree with my calorie intake but im going to try it. I want to be 140lbs period..Everyone is telling me ooo you dont need to lose it ect..ive seen myself in a bikini and ummm sorry people i need to lose it! im going to switch between 600 cals and 1000 cals every other day..And once a week is free day, "Not go crazy day"...I lost my 55lbs in 6 months purely calorie counting and very lite exercise. I stuck to 1000cals - 1200cals for 6 months. It worked great and i loved it..But i have been managerly overeating and im going to hit 600cals for a few times and see if it makes me feel better...Last nights dinner at hardees would make a diet person cry...So i need to do this!
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Today is a 600cal day since i ate enough yesterday for a small army! I feel like i need to feel hunger every now and then since ive been shoving in food since thanksgiving!

B - Vanilla slimfast 250cals

Meals throughout the day 54 special k chips.. 240cals

dinner is not planned yet will when i get home from work.


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Good luck!
Todays Menu

Whole grain english muffin 100cals - tiny bit of low fat cream cheese and apple butter 20cals

Lunch - Homemade chilli im guessing the serving is about 250cals

Snack Apple -90 small handfull of blueberries

Snack Oatmeal 120cals

Dinner will be chilli also 250cals.

And going to go workout for an hr today...Pretty good!
I have stayed exactly the same for the last two weeks...better than gaining!!
Going to start hitting the gym five days a week now since I have switched jobs and am now getting off earlier...so we will see how this goes!
Lost 3lbs this week! Very excited about that! Off to make a slimfast shake and start work!


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Hi caloriefree, there's a subforum for calorie counting members, if u look on forum with other diet options, u'll find us in there, u can come n join us in there, as we are all CC!
Good luck in ur journey Hun, u've done so well losing all that weight previously,
If u've got myfitnesspal, u can add me, am v12345 n there's a lot of CC members on there too.
Okay well i started my new job! very exciting..i sit on my butt for four days straight 10.5 hrs a day then off three days! Single mom of a two yr old so my days off are spent with her and its just too late to hit the gym on my days working so i am canceling the gym and just going to work out at home from now on..im going to focus on eating right and sticking to it..im back up to 181 which is crazy seeing as how i was 159 not four months ago...goal weight is 139..i plan on losing 3lbs a week..i know i can do it because i have before..So im sitting my goal weight of 139 to June 15th. Sounded about right. Will be good timing for bathing suit and enjoying my summer clothes instead of trying to cover myself up..spent too many years doing that! I need to start by weighing myself every morning! because if i only do it once a week i will go off track thinking i still have time to make it up..so every morning!
That will teach me to weight at night. Woke up this morning and was down 3lbs..Shew...so really i have completed this weeks goal of three pounds in my timeline so if i can lose another three then i will be a week ahead of schedule!!

Today i ate a piece of wheat toast and a small bowl of oatmeal. Lunch will be a pack of tuna and some sweet potatos. Snack will be 8 sugar free cookies 130 cals. And dinner will be tuna and sweet potatos again..having two multi vitamins a day also..The Ultra mega active woman.
Today's calorie count was 830, tomorrows meals are planned out and I will hit 700 cals. Will post my weigh in tomorrow morning hopefully I'm not crying while I'm typing it!
I stayed the same! Thank goodness I didn't gain! Hoping for atleast a pound of loss on the next weigh in! Today is going good my last day of work before three days off! So that's exciting!
Well its been awhile, but im finally settled in my job and ready to take this seriously! I plan on weighing myself for the first time on monday the 9th. I am going to start back on a diet pill which is called OxyElite Pro which i LOVE i took it for almost two months then did a one month break..and i lost 7lbs the first week and nothing after that but i also wasnt exercising or eating right, so ive ordered another bottle and should get it wednesday. Looking to lose about 3lbs a week. Started back eating correctly this morning. And plan on drinking more water which ive been slacking on. So we will see how this goes!!
I work at home now 42hrs a week so im pretty much gonna be on here four days a week ALLLL day!
I have eaten 745 in calories today. I plan on having a slimfast and maybe a 100cal snack before bed and going and doing a 30min workout and tanning...Today = Success!
geez its been forever! I yoyo-ed with my weight since then...went up a bit then lost 30lbs over four months...now gained back probably ten...Going to weigh myself soon and see the horror! Its been probably three months since i have so im not looking forward to it. I've been eating healthier for about a week now and would say by guessing ive lost about five pounds. Today will make the first day since oct i have worked out so not looking forward to the "start back" couple of days..yucky! But bathing suit time is coming and i know ill hate myself when i am faced with my man wanting to go swimming! So might as well start now..Am going to be posting my daily food, maybe some exercises and my weekly weigh in and probably random stupid messages.. Alot has changed in the last year since i posted everything...Still going through a divorce..hopefully that will be over with soon enough! Moved two hours from my hometown in july to be closer to my amazing man and his two kids! I have full custody of my beautiful three yr old little girl! Now work a steady 9-5 job as a Sales Manager at a Aviation warehouse which is amazing! I get to sit at the computer all day, be in charge and make good money!

Todays food
bowl of shredded wheat 250 cals "guessing"

I did have a piece of candy "Not gonna lie" 70ish calories

Yogurt i just finished which i didnt know had that many calories in it so i will be switching to a lighter type 170cals

Lunch will be 8 slices of turkey 80cals, low fat cottage cheese 80cals

snack will be either the green beans i bought 35cals or a banana 80cals

Dinner will be 200cal pizza and hmmm unknown...

Going to go tanning and hopefully manage to workout for an hour doing either the treadmill or that steppy thing..no clue what its called...Hate my gym currently because its so busy and i feel like everybody is staring at me..plus i dont know a single person there so it makes me uncomfortable but i will be comfortable in a bathing suit and shorts this year so im gonna tough it out!

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