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People keep telling me I don't need to loose weight!

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Hello everyone on slimfast,

I'm new to the Diet, I decided to go on slimfast because I like shakes and its an easy diet to follow, Ive tried the soup diet, the serial diet and many other failed diets, but I'm very positive about this one. I'm even shopping for very healthy foods, which just wasn't happening before :eek:
The biggest prob I'm having at the moment is I feel embarrassed that I want to be smaller. I'm a size 12 but I'm naturally small framed, I'm 5ft 2, and I have tiny feet, hands and wrist, So to me I feel massive. Ive always been small and been able to eat what I want, but in the past year its started to catch up with me and I keep putting on weight.
I always have people telling me that I don't need to loose weight. I feel That I need to loose it now, or ill keep getting bigger, and the females i my family are all big. So I look at them and think that will be me! :eek: I know people that are bigger than me say 'Id love to have your figure' but its not natural to me. Even my face is starting to get really chubby, and I have a twin sis who eats healthily...She is a size 8 :sigh: which looks natural for our frame.

Does anybody El's have this problem?
PS thanks to listening to my rant! lol. :)
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Lol, I'm not sure you'll find too many people who sympathize with your problem Auwa, but I can understand. Having extra weight can be a problem, especially if you are petite in frame.. which I am not! But the next time someone tells you you don't need to loose weight, remind yourself that they aren't trying to wreck your weightloss, but actually think you look fine and it's more of a compliment. Then just explain that at this weight, you do not feel comfortable because of your petite frame.

I have told people before that they don't need to loose weight.. but its more to people who complain about 5 or 10 lbs. It's hard to swallow when someone who is generally in good health and at a good weight when they sit there and claim they are a fat slob because they are over by 5-10 lbs, when you yourself very overweight! You think "well, what do they think about me then!?"

Also, especially where I am, people are so concerned about being super slim instead of having a healthy body image, it gets annoying. I would rather be 5 lbs over than 100.

I dunno.. I hope that sheds some perspective on the other side of the comment.




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hi auwa, i agree with lightraven, i must admit when my friend moans about her weight i think what weight, she's lovely and slim but to her its the same as for me size for size so appreciate how you feel when you're not where you want to be. ignore people's comments and do it for yourself but perhaps only tell it to other people with not much to lose who would agree with you to avoid any negative comments lol x
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Hi auwa I think that only each individual person can know how they feel about themselves and their size and for me, not feeling comfortable about the weight you are can really affect your day to day confidence. If you feel you need to lose weight then do it for yourself and like the others said just explain to people why you are doing it.

No-one has told me I don't need to lose weight though lol!!!
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Hey thanks for all your replies. Ive been away for the weekend and not been near a computer. I told my boyfriend about the rant I put on here and he said i could do with loosing some lol! at least he is honest.
I'm just not telling people I'm on a diet now. Ive lost 4 1b and still have about 22 1b to loose, so I'm not just a couple over weight, but i'm doing well and will stick at it and not listen to anyone else!!



in my dreams!!!!!!
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Good for you auwa, thats a great amount to lose in a week! agree with you to keep it to yourself you'll save yourself a lot of heartache having to explain your reasons why. i understand that everyone wants to look their best no matter what their size and you are entitled to that so stick with it! x
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im in exactly the same situation as you... although im only 5ft! when u are smaller your weight shows more, but it does mean that when u lose weight you can see it quicker - it can be alot harder tho!
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I'm only 5"2 but I'm overweight and my tummy is too big!!
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hello glad to see there are some people who understand my prob lol. you do def see the weight more when you are smaller, I'm 5ft 2 and a size 12- my friend is 5ft 8 and a size 16- 18 in photos we look about the same size. So I think it really does make a difference to your weight if you are short!

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definately. sometimes i think i dont need to lose any weight, i just need to grow a few inches!! so how are you getting on this week? when is your next weigh in? i weigh in on monday, but my weight loss is always very slow so i will be happy with a lb!
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Hey Darling09 I'm doing OK this week, I'm starting to get bored of shakes though so some days am having a weight watchers soup instead. I tend to weigh myself on Fri Im not sure how much Ive actually lost as i don't think my scales are that accurate, but I think Ive lost about 7 or 8 pounds in total. How about you? have you been on it long?
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well i decided i wanted to do something may last year! i put on about a stone when i got to uni and wanted to get back to my 'slim' weight. it hasnt really been dieting, because ive not stuck to any one plan, ive just been more conscious about what im eating, but i havnt been strict, so im actually only down 10lb since then!! i dont mind tho as uni is my main priority, and you have to snack whilst writing essays! lol! i started on monday this time for proper on slim fast, although ive done it before when i was quite overweight, back when it was just shakes that came in cans.

so really, in short, since monday this time! lol! im only hoping for a lb weight loss a week, since i do find it very hard to lose weight as i havnt got that much to lose. its just nice to have a bit of structure, and admitting my failings on here makes me all determined to stick to the plan! had a bit of a wobble on tues, but was really good yesterday so hopefully will be ok to lose this week! i weigh in on monday - will let you know!

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