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People probably...


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...won't remember me, but I am back after 8 months off the CD. I had been doing great for a certain amount of time and then I got all silly again...And I feel SO ashamed, and MiniMins is probably the only place where I know people won't judge me.

I had lost so much weight the first time and I was so keen that I never once cheated, but I had to stop for financial reasons :)mad:). I have put weight back on (almost 3 st) since last July and people have been nasty enough to comment about it where I work :sigh: . But I want to do it again, because I know I can, so I am back on the forum :D. Be ready to listen to my very lengthy moaning as I drool over food :eek: and I apologise in advance for that :p. And I will try to help as much as I have been helped in the past on this wonderful website, this haven for people with weight problems :D

So Elie is back. She is going to try to put a new sig up and start counting of the stones.

CD is deffo the diet for me as when I did it the 1st time (for 5 months or so, can't remember exactly) I felt so well, so perky, so full of energy! :cool: ANd now I am feling down, depressed and constantly suffering from sugar rushes after eating :rolleyes:

I am so glad I am back, I almost want to shout it to the world. And I know I won't be able to sleep, which is silly because I need sleep a lot rght now, haha :rolleyes:

Hope to speak to you soon wonderful ladies :D

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Hi Elie,

Welcome back!

You are not the only who has gained back their weight after losing it as it is very common and it is all part of the learning process.

Now you know in a relatively short time how good it feels to have the weight off and how once again it feels to have nearly all of it back on again and this knowledge will motivate you forward on your weight loss journey.

I found myself starting back last March that cutting down on carbs for a week before helped me to slide back onto the diet.

With you doing CD you can work down the steps into SSing.

Here is a link to a great post written by Sassy, it is well worth a read.


It took you 5 months to lose the weight before and you can do it again!

Just think if we get the hot summer we are promised you will be looking good on the beach and enjoying the lovely weather with your new figure:)

Don't forget to do some new before photos and take your body measurements and set yourelf some mini goals that are achievable to keep you motivated along with your long term goals.

Believe you can do this and you will!

Love Mini xxx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Great advice above :) And advice I've read and am taking on board. :)

I lost weight before through atkins and then CD (after a break in between).
I finished CD just over 2 years ago.. and am back having gained the weight in the 10 months. :(

I am starting back on CD tonight but have tried to simulate it with slimfast this week - not low carb but I struggle on low carb as I've been veggie for a while now and struggled with the meat intake on atkins.

Anyway.. you are certainly not alone and I commend you on knowing where to come and what to do about your gain. :) failure would be not acting. ((hugs))

Look forward to walking the CD path with you :D There are some great challenges for Easter and teams as I'm sure you know. :)

Fingers x'd we'll be registering great losses next week! :D


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Thank you so much for the very nice reply ladies :D I knew I could count on minimins for support :D Not that I don't have it at home, o/h is wonderful (last time I did CD, he wasn't even eating in the main room because he didn't want to tease me :eek:)

I have already started cutting down on carbs, and I am mentally ready (or so I hope) for the onslaught of emotion during the first month. It was hard the 1st time and I know it will harder this time, but I will commit 100% of my willpower to it :D

I felt so good when I was slimmer! My 1st big target is to go back to weight I was only 5 months ago, and then I shall tackle the rest.

I think my 1st mini goal will be very humble: a 100% success rate for my 1st week ;)

I remember a poster who used to add a flower for each day she was doing 100% CD, to motivate her, as she didn't want to know her weight, and I think I shall do the same although I won't be able to leave away from my sclaes :eek: I am not superwoman, haha :p

I am feeling so excited! And it arrives at the precise moment when I am feeling so stressed at work that I NEED to have something positive, a goal OUTSIDE of my prof life that I can pursue and REACH BY MYSELF.

I have to start joining the different challenge groups Purple Hugs, you're right. It was so much fun and they allowed me to realise how much I had lost everytime :D

Laters :D


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Hi Elie,

Wonderful to hear you so very motivated and I think your first mini goal is excellent!

I think my 1st mini goal will be very humble: a 100% success rate for my 1st week ;)
If you are weighing yourself be sure to do it first thing in the morning...after that your weight will fluctuate throughout the day.

Giving yourself a flower for each day achieved is a lovely idea.:)

Love Mini xxx

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