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People who have "failed" previously

Did you fail because you didn't go back up the plans to maintenance ie straight from SS to eating?

That is what I did. Thought I could manage it myself as I had no support from my CDC. I told my mum yesterday that I was back on it and she said "What is the point, you will only put it back on again?" :( Yeah thanks for the support mother :sigh: I told her that the reason I put back on last time was due to not finishing the diet, and I was doing it because I hated the way I am (was). If she gives me no support in this, to be perfectly honest, I really don't care. She lives 6 hours away and I only talk to her once a week on the phone so she can stay in her little world thinking I will fail again.

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i did CD 3 years ago and over the 3 years i have put all the weight back on.. plus some. i kinda rushed through the plans last time as we were going on holiday and i think that was my downfall as i didnt put on any weight over the holiday i didnt carry on when i got back, this time i WILL be working through the plans properly.

Glad you are doing the diet for you and can do it with or without the support from your mum, this is partly why i didnt tell people i was going back on it as they would probably say the same, i only really told people when they asked about me losing weight.
My weight is now lower than what it was when i finished CD last time and less than a stone left to go :D

Best of luck to you :)

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
It took me two rounds to get it right but I don't see the first time as a failure at all. I learned a lot from that egain and ensured I put all the knowledge into the second go. Certainly moving up the steps helps as I learnt discipline but what is helping me successfully maintain now is much much more than because I moved up the steps.
That was why I put failed in inverted commas. I don't really see my first time as a true failure, I see it as a learning experience. It is other people who look at it as a failure.
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I too did the diet a couple of years ago and lost 3 stone in 3 months and felt fab. Unfortunately I didn't follow the maintenance program and gradually the weight went back on and a bit more. I have a 'friend' that has said to me it was because I did the CD that is why I put it all back. Hang on a minute, I think it is more to do with the fact that I went back to my old eating habits and than can happen after following any diet :mad:
We'll show them we can do it, maintain it and look totally fabulous


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I got to within 4lbs of my ultimate goal, and came off CD Went straight back to eating rubbish.

Totally my own fault, hands up.

This time I HAVE to work through the plans, I owe myself that much at least.
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me too and emotional eating played a big part and also I think because I didnt get to goal.

I think the big thing for me in my subconscious for me is not getting to goal so therefore its another 'failed' attempt so doesnt matter.
But this time I am going to get to goal so will have the elated feeling of success and then go up the plans properly and will keep the weght off! (third time lucky)
Jess I love the line on your middle ticker.......going to add it to my signature for motivation!
I too lost 4 stone on CD and now have 5 stone to lose! I am doing Exante diet now but fully intend to follow the maintenance plan. The reason I stopped before was I though it was too expensive, but now I have wasted both time and money having to do it all again.

At least we have all learnt where we went wrong and how we can succeed this time around.


Gone fishing
I think going up the plans is really helpful. Avoids the sudden gain on the scales, good practice for healthful eating and portion sizes with the guidelines we need when coming off a VLCD

But...it's only part of the challenge. People don't 'fail' just because they didn't do the plans. Nor are they guaranteed success forever if they do them. There's an awful lot of 'getting it right' after the plans are over ;)

All doable though if you want it enough. :)
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I lost 6 stone first time, then treated myself to a 6 month junk food binge to celebrate, 2nd time i thought i could do it just on choccy tetras - i was wrong, this time a range of stuff and will stick to it


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I don't think just working up the plans is the magic cure all for not regaining the weight. I think this is sensible to let your body adjust, but long term is has to be a different approach to food all together. We cannot go back to eating the way we did.

I still haven't thought through what I am going to do to maintain effectively, but realise that this is going to be the biggest challenge, and the trick is not to get complacent (Christmas showed me that I slipped right back into old habits). I may join weightwatchers strategically (I think it is free once you get to goal), that way I can be weighed weekly. I am also thinking about forking out for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to see if I can get to the root of the overeating.


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I did CD at about the same time as my brother, he worked his way back up the plans and only put about 7lbs back on in the year since he finished. I didn't and put 30+lbs of the 78lbs I lost back on. Now I'm not drawing any conclusions here, but I'd say it certainly looks to be that working back up the plans brings you back to eating a more healthy, normal diet (at least this is what baby bro says). I have every intention of working back up through the plans this time round.

I think I could've let myself put all my weight and more back on if I hadn't said as soon as I hit target I was never going beyond a certain weight again, when I did I rang my CDC right away and got right back on CD. I think there needs to be a 'cut off' weight. A figure in your head however big or small, that you find unacceptable and are prepared to take action when you get near that weight.

These are just my own opinions from lessons learned the hard way. xxx


This is the last time!!
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Well, I never thought I'd be here again, but yep - Me and my 'Angel' are gonna do this, and we're gonna go on a massive shopping spree and buy lots of thin clothes and drink lots of water.
I've put so much on that I can't even bear to know my weight. Pretty dire huh? Suffice to say, the size 20's are feeling far more snug than they should :(

Failure is not an option this time. I'm sick to death of this fight in my life and the amount of self loathing I possess.

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