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people who sabotage you


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What is it with people trying to sabotage me! At work its constantly, ohhh have a biscuit - it won't hurt, (actually those biscuits are 6syns each yes they will!) and tonight i am hiding upstairs as my mum has got all her sisters round and there is a bit of a buffet going on, pizza (my fave), dips, crisps, southern fried chicken, chocolate fudge cake, etc etc! My sister just came upstairs and when i opened the door she put a piece of pizza in my mouth!!! While it was quite funny as I had been whinging all day about wanting to eat naughty things - people just don't help do they...! (I didn't eat any pizza btw!:clap:)
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Ohnooo. Thats not good.
My mum does sabotage me but not on purpose. She just cant work out whats good and whats bad.

Its so hard to stay strong but you can do it.
And thats a NSV for you for not eating it =D


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It's the people who put the high syn items in the basket for slimmer of the week that I find a wee bit surprising. I mean surely free stuff would be much kinder.
I would have said one and I mean one pizza piece would not have done too much damage - trouble is it might have made you want for more lol
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If i had had a little bit, i would of wanted to eat the whole blummin thing, haha:) plus i havent been v good this week so looking at a gain (again :( ) so thought i probably cant afford to risk it!

my mil always does... whenever she know we're going over to visit she always buys big choc muffins, cakes fancy biscuits and stuff.. which is also for my hubby of course.. but she always cuts me a huge slice and hands me it with my tea.. i tell her no of course and she's like awk one wee bit wont harm. im sick of it... so now i dont have tea so i dont get offered cake at all now lol


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nightmare isn't it! My sister has ordered herself a chinese - and i said no! thats KFC and chinese i turned down today :) Why is she a size 8?! makes me mad!! haha xxx
i have a "friend" that tries to sabotage my diet if we go for coffee she tries to insist that i have a slice of cake she even bought me a slice after i said no to it but i refused to eat it it's hard enough without being egged on to eat it gggrrr lol
My brother is like that with me "ooh you've done well this week its not going to harm!". I don't think he does it on purpose though, he's never had to diet so he probably doesn't understand how it works. He's one of those lucky ones who can have a pizza or chippy meal with a bar of chocolate and a few packets of crisps everynight on top of his 3 meals a day and still stay slim.
Personally I think there is a whole social psychology around this issue, to do with society / familes, and esp mothers equating food and indulgence with love. Added to that, a lot of the time the person without the willpower who is gorging themselves feels worse about it if there is someone (you) standing there showing that acually it IS possible to take control and do things in moderation.

Well done. All you can do is continue to be strong. It's only going to get worse over the next couple of months because apparently you CAN'T celebrate christmas without consuming Quality Street and Mince Pies and any attempt at abstainance is likely to be as well recieved as you standing on the coffee table, flashing your knickers and screaming BAH HUMBUG at them.



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my son lives in america and picks the local lingo up - if he is offered something he doesnt want he says - no I am good thanks. Nice response I think cos it could act as positive reinforcement to yourself that you are refusing the item and being good in the process.:)
Before I come over my mum will say, I won't make any cakes or anything because you're being good aren't you.

Does she EVER stick to it???!!! NO! I get there and she'll say, oh I decided to just make these cakes quickly - they're only little.

LOL oh yeah they're everywhere.......ended up with a tin of beans with cheese at a friends today whilst she tucked into chippy(since i've already had that this wk i had to be good today lol)then i've got mate trying to force feed me alcohol .....go on just have 1 you can't not have a drink....err yeah i can!!!!! As for work.......its mainly blokes so no diet talk there but this 1 guy who had a gastric bypass last yeah now thinks he can eat chocolate,cake n other fat laden products cos of this n thinks everyone else can so always has a big bag of goodies on his desk to pass around!! I hate him!!!As for my OH shame on him for eating 5 jam doughnuts last night in front of me and ruining my HM chicken soup by sticking a tub of cream in it! So when i'm having a bad wk its all their fault lol!!!!
I find people are more accepting if you say 'no I don't want that' rather than 'no I'm trying to lose weight'. It also helps if you say no like you actually mean it.
I totally agree with this. Just say you don't want it. Also, hearing yourself say it helps make you believe that you don't want it. Also helps if you can whip out a low syn/free snack and say that you'll have that instead and enjoy it. Was sat on the sofa last night with an Activia and banana while my boyfriend tucked into a massive choc brownie and it felt great to be able to say "no thanks, I'm enjoying MY pudding" when he offered me a bite.

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