peppermint tea


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I was just wondering if the water you use to make peppermint tea can count towards your daily water intake?

I wouldnt have thought you could since you can't with normal tea, but in't that because it has caffeine in whereas peppermint tea doesn't.

Maybe it's a silly question but thought I might as well ask and if I can it might help me to drink more since I don't really like cold drinks and hot water isn't very nice.
I didn't know that Linda. Is it because of the lack of caffeine?

If so, what about decaffeinated coffee? I guess not.

Evidently they have now discovered that tea doesn't dehydrate you. The powers that be have decided that tea is actually healthier than water owing to the antioxidants.

This is reported on the BBC website here

I can't help but wonder what Cambridge views are on this. Any idea?
yay! I think I'll have to go and buy loads of it. I've really missed milky coffee but after watching you are what you eat the other night I think i could be tempted to stick with the peppermint tea instead of drinking as much as I did
Caffeine does dehydrate, but it's well worth cutting out of your diet altogether as it has such an adverse effect on our bodies, acting as it does in the same way as cocaine or heroin.

The tea/coffee thing is, I think, more to do with the fact that most people would have milk in it, but black coffee is ok for instance. Black tea - yuk. Peppermint tea - yum.
I'd been religious about cutting caffeine out until it dawned on me I'd been blinkering out all the caffeine in chocolate.......
Katie, if you miss your milky coffee's have u tried makin the vanilla shake with hot water and whisking it up with a spoonful of coffe. I tried it tonite after reading it on the site and its great :D
Thanks for the hint Bambi, yes I've tried it and it is lovely. I can't have the vanilla without coffee in it lol.

Champres what is rooibos? I've never heard of that
Oh wow, I didn't realise that the water in peppermint tea counted :) I drink loads of the stuff!!

Thats made my day. :)

I'm not sure about the r'bush, i'm sure I ready in Isobels journal that she wasn't sure if it was ok - I don't recall the answer tho now.

Has everyone else suffered from muddled brains on this diet? lol

Kitty x
Champess if you read this is your roy-bos tea sometimes known as red bush. As I would like to try if I haven't had before, but I did try a red bush tea which I liked the flavour the first couple of times and then couldn't stomach it again.

i'm always interested in trying new teas because although I drank black tea no milk pre diet anyway I knew it wasn't doing me any good and so took the opportunity to quit it.

I am interested as I love green tea and so thought we may have a similar pallette.

Cheers if you get chance to reply.

Dizzy x
Ideally the 4 pints of allowable fluid should come from water with cups of tea and coffee taken in addition but you can count the tea and coffee if absoultely necessary.

Still try if you can to drink more water perhaps a cup on the hour would not be so hard to do?

Hi - Yes Redbush is Rooibos, (pronounced Roy-bos) they are the same. It is called Red bush because after the leaves are picked they are left to dry in the sun and ferment. This turns them a red colour and so the tea is very red too.

I think the different brands of the same tea do taste very different and you need to try lots and find the one you like.

I like the tetley green tea but most of the others I find go too bitter when they get cool. As I tend to drink mine at my desk it more often than not ends up being drunk nearly cold as time flies by while I am working and I forget it.

I have only had the twinnings Rooibos which was nice and the tetley Rooibos and vanilla which it turned out had pear peaces in too so I don't think I should have really been drinking that but it's gone now. I prefered the twinnings

I also like Clipper White tea but don't get on with peppermint.

Anyone got any other favourites