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pepsi max/coke zero yes/no help please!!

hi jo hun

heather said if you were really desperate have coke zero but not pepsi max (which i am personally addicted to) I think ive found it harder not to have that than food:8855:

Its not 'officially' allowed but thats what she told me.

Nicci x


going to do it!!!!
thanx for that nicci, im a pepsi max girl too im addicted to it and am really missing it too.
i wonder what the difference is between the 2 of them?
im getting excited for my weigh in on monday but if i havnt lost 3 stone will be gutted lol!!
i wnat to lose at least a stone by 21st do you think thats poss?
hope you having a better time of it now, i cant believe im having another alcohol free night tonight, just a huge 2litre bottle of water by my side and not even any big brother to watch ( how sad eh?)
im off to bed now to dream about toast and butter ha ha :nightf:
tomorrow is a big challenge its sunday and my mam does the best lunches ever ever i will have to just sit and have my vanilla shake not quite the same eh lol BUT i so NEED the BESTEST dress for the xmas party ive ever had so vanilla shake it will def be for me:(
I defo think that a stone is possible hun. Im hoping for 16lb but think that might be a bit optimistic for my start weight. Theres a couple of other girls that are weighing in the same night so i wanna look like ive done really well lol. Are you weighing in on the monday morning or are you coming along to the night time one? I live off pepsi max, they have it in b&m's for £250 for 12 cans, it breaks my heart not to buy it :cry:.

Ive had a brill day today thanks jo. its good to see you are going strong too :D.

Have a nice sleep dreaming of food, glorious food lol and i hope tomorrow isnt too bad for you. Ive just watched boyf with his tea and i didnt even flinch :D:D:D

Nicci x
hi girls,
if u really must have a soft drink coke zero is the one to go for BUT only 1 pint a day.
the reason u cant have pepsi max is because it contains citric acid which will knock u out of ketosis whereas coke zero in small quantities often doesnt affect ketosis (although some people are sensitive and will still be knocked out of ketosis).
whatever u decide i wish u the best of luck :)

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