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To diet coke or not to diet coke? allowance- ketosis

Hello out there! :)

I am very confused and I need your advice.:sigh:
I started the Cambridge Diet 4 days ago. I read on the CD booklet p.6 that 'Zero-calories drinks (no more than 660ml/one pint)' are allowed. 'They usually contain SOME calories and can make you feel bloated. You should monitor regularly to ensure you remain in ketosis.'

However, the booklet does not specify which drinks and whether the 660ml allowance is per day or per week. I started searching on the websites and most people suggest that 'Coke Zero is fine', however Diet Coke is a 'no no'. I tried calling my CDC as well as the CD headquarters but can't get hold of anyone. :cry:

I already had a 500ml of Diet Coke every day and yesterday I forgot and also ate the 'tiny slice of lemon' by mistake.:sigh:
Does that mean I am out of ketosis?

Also, how do I know whether I am in or out of ketosis?
I actually don't feel hungry at all, but still does that mean I will not loose enough weight?:cry: My stomach is making some sounds, but I had my morning shake 5,5 hours ago,so probably this is normal.

I am looking forward to your replies.

Thank you :)

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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Diet coke contains Citric acid and can effect ketosis....Coke Zero does not, I think it contain malic acid. I have zero coke every day, usually 1 but occassionaly 2. and it hasn't affect my losses as you can see below.
I would change to Zero if I were you. NO LEMON.

Also try not to leave so long between your meals, make sure you are also drinking plenty of water.
Hope this helps.

You will be ok as you say you are not hungry I would think that you are still in Ketosis...try not to worry about it. If you are sticking to it 100% the weight is coming off.
Thank you very much for your prompt response and advice! That's very comforting!:)

I will start drinking a bit of Coke Zero. I don't really like Diet
Coke that much either but I feel bad not ordering something when I go out, especially in small restaurants.:)

In terms of water I have always been drinking too much regardless on a diet or not. I never count how much I take in but counting from my 1litre or 1.5 litre water bottles I use, I usually consume always well over 3litres per day sometimes even 6lt.

Anyway, thank you very much for your response.:)

Kind regards,

a fellow CDieter
Hedgemag is right.

You can have Coke Zero, but really limit how much a day you have - I tend to stick to 2 cans a day. If you are going out with friends, a lot of places don't stock Coke Zero, so why not have sparkling water instead? No lemon or lime though, as this will definitely take you out of ketosis.

Well done on getting this far!!! Keep it up and drink that water!

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