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  1. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    I've tried loads of calorie counter software/books etc and none seem 'perfect'.

    There's some great free ones online, but each one seems to disappoint me in some way.

    I loved WLR when I started maintenance, but it costs.

    Now I'm trialing a downloadable one and it looks fab! It's got a free month trial, and if it continues to please me :D, I may even buy it. Think it's something like £34/£35, but no subscriptions, so will have it forever.

    If you set it for UK, it has loads of products down there. It appears to do an internet search for the calories. Also calculates in stones and pounds, as well as the typical pounds, or kilos

    Has pie charts and will calculate all the odd things like sodium, fibre etc if you want.

    Also seems really easy to use, with serving sizes very flexible. Lovely interface :)

    Anyway, have only just started trialling it. Will let you know if it continues to excite me :D

    Perfect Diet Tracker | Stop guessing and take control of your diet! free months trial.
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Ha! Even has some of the Cambridge products on there :D
  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Yay! Exports your data to csv. Great for excel nerds like me :D
  5. Laura Croft

    Laura Croft Happily maintaining

    *bounce bounce* Pretty charts. Exporting to Excel! Cheaper than WLR. Oh KD you've made my day :) Bit sad the slowest running they have is 11 min miles but you get that I suppose!
  6. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Umm. Not quite sure what you mean by 11 min miles. There's about 16 running speeds, right down to 'running' on the spot.
  7. Laura Croft

    Laura Croft Happily maintaining

    Are you insinuating my running is as fast as running on the spot? Actually it's probably not far off. Seriously, it's a great site. Thanks again! x
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Been having a good old play here :D

    I loved WLR because
    a) The size of the database. Enormous and UK orientated.
    b) The pie charts to keep track of macronutrients (protein, carbs etc)

    Okay, b) is sorted with this.

    A? Well. Trouble is WLR sort of lost my interest when they stopped accepting members entries for the database.

    It reduced the size of it so much it wasn't worth me keeping up the subscription, especially since I didn't use it often.

    Of course...could have still added my own stuff for my personal use, but for using just as a one off, it wasn't worth it to me.

    The problem with having members add to the database, is that it's not guaranteed to be correct unless someone reports it, which they tend not to.

    With this software, members can add to the database...which makes me very happy. Means it will build up quicker.

    If it's inaccurate for somethings..well, there ya go. If you edit it, it will send an anonymous report to the staff so they can check it out and correct.

    That suits me.

    The database is good, but it's early days for the software, compared to WLR which has been going for yonks.

    i love the copy and paste for moving same foods to different days, and the way you can easily change meals like lunch into dinner.

    And the drag and drop ability.

    Also like being able to use a slider for activity levels etc. And the flexibility of putting in own goal macro percentages to aim for.

    Ahh, what else :D

    Love being allowed to be English :D
    Love being able to backup to my computer aswell as exporting to excel.
    Love it being a programme rather than a website, as website sometimes have down times.

    Sure I'll discover more :)
  9. sbridge7

    sbridge7 Silver Member

    Thanks KD :)
    I will make note of this website when I get to maintenance!
  10. MissPinky

    MissPinky Shrinky Pinky!

    I'm a Geek. It helps when you work in IT. I LOVE this product! I've got it hardwired to 1000 (the step I'm on). LOVE the fact it has CD products. LOVE the configurability. So far so good...

    Thanks for the link and info, KD :)
  11. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Yes, I particularly like the configurability and though there's a one off payment after the trial, I feel that I'll be able to have this to refer to forever if I need :)

    Was out most of yesterday. Meeting with an old forum forum member for a Thai dinner...yum! But, I'm gradually adding more Cambridge products so the whole range is there.

    Someone had already done soups and shakes, which are similar to each other, but I've added the tetras and most of the bars (so far). I'm hoping that what I've added is going into the database for everyone to use.

    So, if you've downloaded it, can you just check to see if tetras are showing and let me know :)
  12. MissPinky

    MissPinky Shrinky Pinky!

    I see a list of the following so far:

    Cambridge Diet shake
    Malt Toffee bar
    Porridge Original
    Strawberry Silk Tetra
  13. MissPinky

    MissPinky Shrinky Pinky!

    PS When searching for 'Cambridge Diet Chocolate bar' rather than just my very lazy 'Cambridge' I'm getting more results...

    Chocolate bar
    Chocolate orange bar

    and more too as I search again... that'll teach me for being slovenly with my search terms :(
  14. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Thanks for letting me know!
    Ummm. That's interesting. When I search 'Cambridge', then I get them all.

    This could be because I've added it already so it's automatically in my favourites. It could be that it's just updated this moment, seems to be available to me as I add, but maybe there is a little delay as it updates for all.

    Did malt bar and strawb tetra yesterday so perhaps why they came up on the search.

    Soup, shake and one porridge was already in by someone else.

    Today I've done all the bars, the A&C porridge and the other tetras.

    Hopefully the lot will show up shortly when just searching Cambridge :)
  15. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Just bumping this up for anyone who missed it :)
  16. MissPinky

    MissPinky Shrinky Pinky!

    Adding to the 'bump' - I've been using this for as long as the time I first posted here about it... and I've not regretted the spend (small that it is). The more you use it, the beter it gets, and it literally takes a few minutes every day to record and review what I've been eating, and check for trends, nutritional balance etc.

    I am in 'Maintenance' and so far successfully. I feel that the awareness this product gives me helps keep me on track. It keeps me focussed, but not in a 'crutch' like way. I've got to the point where I can eat normally during a day without planning in advance, and pleasantly surprise myself when last thing at night I enter my day's data (and honestly - no point lying!) and see the totals. I'm naturally meeting my target calorie intake (based on my basal metabolic rate) and nutritional balance. This is a MASSIVE leap for me. I was expecting to have to rigorously plan... well, forever, I guess. But not so.

    If you can already find time to have an email session, a forum session or a social networking session each day, you're halfway there - add a few minutes with this and you may be surprised how much it helps slot things into place.

    PS I don't work for the vendor!!!
  17. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Happy with it too, early days, just over a week, but if a non-techy anti-maths person like me can use it then anyone can. It helps me to see what I'm doing and keeps me accountable... and is a great incentive to add a bit of exercise into my day!

  18. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Am loving the trial so far!!
  19. Staffdieter

    Staffdieter Full Member

    I have been using the tracker for a couple of months and think its great also.
  20. Laura Croft

    Laura Croft Happily maintaining

    PDT really is improving, especially with the groups, handy for making recipes.

    I have to give PDT some kudos. I had a problem on Sunday with PDT after a change in my computer settings and PDT created a fix on Sunday just so I could use it again. Fab service. Such a great program. :)
  21. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    It's really good isn't it.

    I love the way I can change meal names and personalise them

    Mid morning snack
    Mid after snack
    Oh crikey did I really eat that!
    Evening Snack
    Not intended snack :D
    etc etc

    Guess I'm just a grazer :D

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