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Hi everyone who loves SW chips!!!
I have noticed lots of comments and complaints about how we make SW chips and how they dont turn out quite right.
I have a basket type tray that i bought for £4 in Matalan ages ago and cook oven chips on (before SW) and decided to try it out with SW chips................result was as perfect as you are going to get SW chips!!!!! Theres no hassle turning them every 10 minutes i par-boiled the chips for about 10 minutes then left to dry in a collander for 10 minutes sprayed with fry light and tossed which fluffed at the same time then put them on the tray and sprinkled with a little salt. Placed in oven about 220 degrees for 20 ish minutes and hey presto great looking great tasting chips! The hubby tried one (well actually a few) and said 'why don't i get these chips'!!! He can't stand SW food.....i nearly fell over, hence we had them again tonight!!
What reminded me to post this was that i bought another one to show in class today in POUNDLAND.....yes just a quid!!!
This link shows you what they look like cos i couldn't find it on Matalan or Poundland site
Quickachips - oven proof chip basket: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home

Let me know if anyone else has a go.....and if i get chance i'll post a pic of the chips i made the other day! Enjoy! :)
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Sorry, but I have a query and have to ask how can you par boil pieces of potato as thin as chips for 10 minutes when it only takes 20 minutes to fully boil potatoes?

This is very confusing as I have done this and mine have already virtually cooked by then and roughing them in the pan breaks them up. I queried this on another thread. Do you actually boil them, or bring the pan to the boil then switch off and leave in water for 10 minutes?

Just curious as I have already found less than ten minutes too long. - sorry, off-topic I know;)
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Just had a look at these!! Gonna buy one on ebay tomorrow!! x
I wouldnt parboil for 10 mins, they will be like mush.

I add my water to the pan first and when it starts to bubble away, add the chips for literally a couple of minutes and then take them out, so you are almost blanching them really, they dont need long at all.
I put them in the pan with boiled water from the kettle set the timer for 10 minutes, it took a good 4 minutes to bring back to the boil so they were actually boiling for about 6 minutes and i found them ok. I must admit they are quite soft so i don't toss them vigorously but they work for me. When i've done them for a shorter time in the past i found they took ages in the oven and were still a little hard. When i've done them recently they were fluffy in the middle and crispy outside. And my chips are more chunky than skinny!
Also everyones hobs and ovens are slightly different so its individual trial and error but my way worked good for me?
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I only par boil mine for 4 about minutes and they've been lovely.


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oooh - will have a look for one today


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A poundland has just opened in town, will go and get a chip basket :)
Pfft I don't faff around par boiling them. Just put them straight in the oven. They are still damned tasty!! xo


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I always boiled them up for about 7 mins, but I tried zapping them in the microwave last night instead of in a pan.

A big bowl no water, 5 mins on high - then frylighted with a bit of S&P and cooked on 200 for 45 mins or so.

I put mine in the microwave for 5 minutes instead of parboiling. They come out practically dry too so no waiting for them to dry first x
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I might try them in the mircowave, I hate the waiting to dry bit lol
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Ive got on of these and have had it for ages and got it from the 99p shop near me. Works really well.
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Aldi had these in when i went yesterday, it was actually my husband that spotted them and remembered them after reading this thread over my shoulder the other night bless him ... he bought me 2 :) Still to try them yet :)

I believe the par-boiling (wether done for 6 or 10 mins dependant on hob) is to help remove more of the starch, to help keep them low in carbs and better for you (and to keep them "free"). Just like how you rinse/boil/rince rice to make rice pudding .... Rinsing the starch and excess calories away ;)


Losin the baby weight :-)
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Thank you Mummybird! One quickachips basket purchased an hour ago from the Poundshop to be tried and tested tonight!
£1 - what a bargain!!!!!! :D :D
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Just read a post somewhere near the top saying something about thin chips... I find with SW chips, I never really thought about doing them thin, as they say the thinner the chip, the more fat absorbed... Don't know how much of that is true and for whatever reason but I make my SW chips about 1cm thick, just a bit thinner than chippy chips :) x


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Losin the baby weight :-)
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Tried this last night and it is FAB!

However, I also changed my cooking technique after reading another thread on here and bolied my potatoes in chicken stock for 4 minutes and then put them in the oven on the quickachips mat! DIVINE!!!! :D I used my HexA allowance of cheese on mine too!

Would definitley recommend!

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