Perform your own adversion therapy!


Ok So you may think that this is a load of crap but its stuff I have learned on my psychology course and its supposed to work. It comes from Behaviourist psychology.

Basically its this. If you watch something like liposuction on TV and then think of the yellow gooey horrible yucky fat every time you look danger foods then you can train yourself not to like them and it will eventually become a habit not to want them!! This means that (although on a VLCD food is taken out of the equation) when we start eating normally we will still associate our previous downfalls or danger foods, with the horrible fat that it will produce.

Use this time off food to put you off the foods that made you fat in the first place. Even speak to the food when its calling you eg "you slimmy piece of wobbly fat disguised as something nice".

Its working for me so far and I thought I would share it.

*WARNING* Do not do this for all food because you could end up in the first stages of Anorexia Nervosa when you are supposed to be switching to conventional food again.
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Hi all

When tempted with foods you can also try visualising them smeared with dog poo instead of ketchup or chocolate.

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To stop ordering and eating takeaways, image the cook at the takeaway spitting, or worse, in your food. And preparing your food with filthy, mucky hands, or that they dont wash their hands after going to the loo. Works for me!
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