Periods/Mood Swings


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Please feel free to put your hands over your ears and run around shouting I'm not listening if this is TMI :D

I'm on the pill and still have 6 pills left to take before the end of this pack, however since tuesday I have been bleeding a little :eek:

I'm really concerned about what kinda effect this is having on me.
I've spent most of the last 12 days in tears, a close friend today told me that she felt I'd gone back in terms of my progress from my depression.

I'm so scared of being back in that dark place. My mum just said "why not go and get some happy pills darling!" It's like the huge struggle it took to get free of them 10 months ago is forgotten as long as I diet.

I've made a GP appointment for tomorrow, but I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this in the first 2 weeks?

Any views would be so appreciated, I don't want to be big, I so want to see the distance on this but I'm so down ALL of the time it's really dragging me down.
I don't seem to be able to lift myself.

Kitty x
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Hi Kitty,

All weight loss programmes upset the cycle of the period due to the estrogen from the fat your losing going into your blood stream. It also does have the side effect of making you more fertile.

Some women do experience increased activity and break-through bleeding may occur. Others find that their periods stop for a while.

Once you reach your target weight the hormones will settle down and find their own pattern again.

Kitty, everyone of us on this weight loss journey find it emotional for many reasons and your no different.

I have been up and down this last year and during this process I have got rid of a lot of old baggage that I have hauled around most of my adult life and I was tired of it.

For me this journey has been life changing in so many areas of my life and one I feel was worth all the buckets of tears I have cried and know still a few more hundred to go before I get to goal.

This is one of the reasons I feel support is vital for I know I could not of got this far without it and need it so much.


Love Mini xxx
No great advice.. BUT I do wish you well and send huge hugs! Great big stonking purple one's of course! ;)

Hope your GP can help.
I've never had regular periods all my life (I'm 39) but since starting CD in March I've been regular as clockwork and quite heavy. It's going to take a while for your body to become accusomed to the diet.

As for the moods - been there and kicked the tablets 3 years ago now. I think maybe if you can reach into the deepest parts of yourself and find the strength to have patience then things will begin to get better.

Someone once said to me that emotions are like the waves on the sea. You need to make the most of the up's and go along with the down's. Tell yourself these feelings are only temporary and will dissapear in time.

Come post lots and we will all be here to chat when you need us.

Hugs xxxx

Im not on CD - although I believe that its an excellent plan. I tried it for 11 days and that month I noticed that my period was much heavier than usual and lasted 12 days. I agree totally with Mini stick with it and give your body some time to adjust.

I am also an ex-happy pill taker and there have been many days in the past few months when not only have my family suggested that I go back on them but I have also thought that I needed to go back. I have come to the conclusion though that everybody has bad days/weeks and that I cannot medicate my life! I wont ever rule them out because unfortunatley I know the "dark place" only too well and its an awful place to be but I find that if I give myself a bit of time I start to feel better by myself.

Be kind to yourself - do something everyday to make you happy. Take small steps and cherish the minutes/hours that you feel a wee bit better - for me it was late at night. Get stubborn - tell yourself that you will get through it - you have done it before and you will do it again. Most of all if things are bad and you know you need some help - take the pills. There is no shame in getting some help to correct the chemical imbalance. All I would suggest is that you ride the storm for a week or two and see if you can manage by yourself.
I wasn't on the the pill when I started LL but my periods were like clockwork every 28 days and I used to get moody as hell and crave beef 2 days before then sugary things the day before and 1-2 days in and get cramps 4 hours before actually bleeding which gave me enough notice to be prepared.

After being on LL my periods went to every 3 weeks and the mood swings and craving stopped :eek:

Then I went back on the pill again (someone else mentioned that you become increasingly fertile) and they went back to every 4 weeks but the mood swings are back :eek: :(
Thank you so much for the support.

I've just cancelled my appointment now I understand why the bleeding is happening.

I am due to have blood tests on tuesday anyway and then see her the following week for my check up so am going to ride this out a bit.

I have the day off work today, I usually just catch up on housework etc.

Today I'm going to try and get hold of the book mentioned in book club, put my feet up with a large mug of peppermint tea and relax.

I was so scared that the bleeding meant that awful things were happening to my body. Thank you for the explanation.

My boyfriend is going away for the weekend, so I think my emotions are running high thinking about being here on my own.

I so don't want to go back on my AD's I fought so hard to come off them. I'm hoping this emotional stage is just a small part of the process I need to endure to get to the size I crave to be.

Thanks again
Kitty xxx