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periods on CD (sorry boys!)

Hi there,
Bit of a sensitive issue but has this diet affected anyones period?
I have the implant fitted so have some odd spotting every so often but this week i have really bad cramps and have been bleeding for 4 days already really heavily.
I forgot how bad periods can be.
Is this anything to do with the diet?
please help
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The Diet Guy
The diet definately affects periods and is a common comment I get from clients.

I am very surprised thatmy first comment is from you icemoose.
thought the men would see this thread and run a mile.
I have implant too.
My periods have been on and off for last 4 weeks.
This week they are heavier than they have ever been, and I have stomach cramps, and I actually think I have PMT!

I normally only get occasional spotting too.....however mine is due to get changed in a month too.
i have only had mine in just over a year.
How long have you been on CD.
I really am in pain today. Have taken pain killers but not shifting it at all. just want to curl up and get to bed.
shame i am in the office and will be for at least the next 7 hours


Have a serene day!!
You could find that the reason for this is that the implant is gauged to the weight that they suspect you will continue to be.

Another thing to be aware of is that fat contains a lot of Oestrogen therefore as you loose weight it is leached back into the system in large quantities, I learnt this the hard way when I first started, not only was I evil (PMT) but also I actually had some periods (am going through the change so they are few and far between) also found my libido returned.

So for a while you will experience this sort of problem, but get out the Water Hottle Bottle and pain killers.

Sorry to spring this crap on you!!
This is week 5 for me peachy. This is the first week my period was really bad.

I was lighter when I got the implant last time (much) so I didn't even think it worked anymore to be honest - as they said if I was over 12 stone it would lessen the lenght of time it was valid for (or something - I was paying attention but I have totally forgotten now)

Yesterday i was a moody old hag, and had stomach cramps from hell. Today - STILL moody old hag, but stomach cramps shifting.

Just made appointement to see doctor to get new one, at least this kinda reminded me it was due if nothing else.

Hope your cramps are feeling better soon!!! I had forgotten how annoying periods were!
I am very surprised thatmy first comment is from you icemoose.
thought the men would see this thread and run a mile.
Ah, he's a man of the world with a wife and kids and also a CDC :D Go Mike!!!!

Actually, one thing I have noticed from the kids I work with is that the boys these days are actually more tuned in than the girls are to these things!!!!
you are in evesham!!!!
i work in honeybourne just down the road


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Incidently as well, your body stores toxins in fat as well as oestragen.. When you break down the fat the toxins are excreted - when you pee etc, through your skin, through the water in your breath when you breathe out - but also through your period... So that can be another reason why you're periods are heavier!

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