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I've just spotted that we have a whole area dedicated to PCOS, and thought I'd set up a few new threads of the obvious themes... so, starting with the most obvious: The dreaded "monthly".. or should I say non-monthly??

I am REALLY pleased with what a difference the weight loss has had on this.. I'm actually getting them again! Yippee - I don't know about you, and obviously some of us have a terrible time with them.. but for me, it's SUCH a relief when I have one! Like I'm human again!! I hate going months on end wishing I was a 'normal' woman!

so, the first few months after I started the diet, nothing happened.. but then I had a couple a month apart from each other... Very heavy, but at least they were 'normal'.. and I've had a couple since which were roughly 4-6 weeks apart, so I'm just hoping now that I'll have another in the next couple of weeks or so.. and that this all bodes well for a more healthy body with rythem and soul, and not just blues! heehee :p

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I've got pcos but I'm the opposite and have them too often or bleed too long (sometimes it feels like 3 weeks on and a week off). Tbh, the idea of not getting them sounds like heaven to me, why do we always want the opposite of what we have ;)
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Mine are all over the place. Sometimes I'll have nothing for months at a time, and then I'll have one every 3 - 6 weeks. Although I have noticed that since I've lost some weight, they've been slightly more regular which I'm pleased about.

I hate having PCOS though. :sigh:
I've run through the whole list, from none at all to a constant one of almost a whole year! Through various medication I now have a pretty regular 32/4 day cycle.
They're *very* heavy & I have to stay close to home as I've not devised anything superstrength enough to cope, but at least I'm getting them! :rolleyes: It means that there is a faint change of getting pg if I can lose enough weight, although age is very much against me.
I have PCOS and have irregular periods. I've been dieting since May this year and have had one proper period and one very light one, so I'm hoping they will return to normal which there were up until 4 years ago.
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i have pcos and my periods seem to be every month sometimes late like a week late but they last just 2 days and are really heavy and i get anemic after anyone else have this problem?


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I've now lost 2 stone doing the SW diet but so far my periods are still non-existent
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I've got lots of weight still to lose but my periods are regular. Hope it stays that way though, but not ovulating!


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I pretty much never got periods. I lost weight on Lipotrim and got periods during the 7 months I was on it. I gained all the weight back and since then, nothing until last week when I got a light period that is still ongoing. I was delighted.

My boyfriend and I have decided to try for a baby as soon as my weight is at a healthy level, so it'll be quite a while for me to get the weight off again. I just am praying my periods will regulate themselves and I'll get pregnant quickly.
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Have faith those still with weight to lose!

I've also had every connotation from none for months and months to constant really really heavy periods lasting weeks & weeks but mine have been every 28 to 30 days lasting 5 days for the past 4 months or so now and i'm pretty sure I am ovulating every month (having not been over the years as had fertility treatment for both my children!)

Hopefully things will improve for you with weight loss!



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I have pcos, but i ve been fairly lucky really, yeah my periods have been late every month, but i ve always had one. Now they are more regular as I'm on metformin. My problem is that they are really heavy and mega painful, im on mefanamic acid for them and sometimes it barely feels like it takes the edge off.

Lizzie xxx


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Hi all

For years my doc told me that my pcos is caused by my weight, and that theres nothing she can do to help. So I lost the weight, and guess what? My periods are worse than ever! My last one was in August! Though strangely, for the few months before that, I got it every month. Strange!

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