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is loving the soup?!
I started this about 10 days ago, my period was due when I started and it hasn't come. Not pregnant, and the first time it's been irregular...ever.
This diet seems to affect people's periods - some for the better, some for the worse. But it seems to settle down again once people refeed.


is loving the soup?!
really weird!


is loving the soup?!
OK actually. I really struggled at first - not with following the diet, I think I was the same as everyone else, starving for the first three days, but on days 4 and 5 I felt really, really ill and I actually went to the doctors.
But now I am feeling better and getting along fine, having to find different things to do to relax is the hardest part.
How are you finding it?
was a bit stressed this second week and struggled with being light headed but on the whole not to bad. Tea time is a killer and could quite happily eat my sons tea lol :eek:


is loving the soup?!
awwww no. Strangely making food for hubby doesn't do it...stress is the killer for me. Just want to ram something in my mouth, switch off brain! Doing well though xxx
I noticed changes but hey be happy for some people they appear and just dissapear in a day or in my case they appear and dont go away for 10 weeks!! it stopped 3 days after i came off LT so the doc has come to the conclusion it must have been LT that was the cause.

If you are 100% certain you are not pregnant then dont worry its just your body thinking OMG she is starving save everything shut down all non vital functions (which means yayy no periods!) although for some people it evens them out and its a good thing specially the ladies with PCOS I think its just hit and miss what happens to them

my advice for anyone who misses a period on LT is seriously get a pregnancy test as soon as poss that way you know if you need to stop or not was the first thing my GP made me do when i went for my monthly check up.

Gen x


is loving the soup?!
absolutely! The damage this diet could do to an unborn baby is huge from what I've read.
I havent had a period due to the Mirena Coil...but Ive had a really awful one happen, so painful and it lasted aaaages.

Also, getting a touch of thrush...not nice!
I was like this last time, riddled with fungus. I had thrush, fungal tonsilitis and intertrigo (fungal infection under the boobies)

Im suprised Im still engaged!
lol, Im always run down. Part and parcel of my life!
Hi Shelly,

Like Princess I have the Mirena coil and hadn't had a period for 9 years since it was fitted! Lo and behold one week in I had my first!!! Since then it has been every month to the day until recently when it has been every 3 weeks and the last one lasted for a week!!!!! At least it was lighter than usual!!! I am not a happy bunny! I want to go back to not having any!!!


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