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perscribed gym?


I was wondering if any of you lot have ever been (or heard of someone else) perscribed gym membership by the doctor? Or perhaps where you can also get nutritional advice? A friend of mine's sister has had something like this, and I was wondering if this is a national thing or perhaps just 1 very cool doctor! I would much rather do something like that, rather than diet pills that may you poo orange? I have never asked my doctor for help before...
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Oh my gosh..If you find out let me knooow!! I would love that. I on the other hand have been perscribed the poo orange pills! Lol. Xenical and they're not really that bad if you stick to the rules you dont get any side effects buuut gym membership.. :D
Its called exercise referral and they do it here. Been referred myself due to my depression as my doctor thought, seeing i wished to loose weight and improve my health, this would be far more useful then some awful tablets. And well i agree there. Cant wait :D

How it works is the referral takes about a month and then you go and see a coordinator. They discuss your fitness needs and then over the next 16 weeks you do a minimum of 2 classes a week(though you could do one every day) and they cost a pound each :D
I wish I could of got my gym membership through my gp! Although havent you got to be a certain weight or something?


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I'd be interested in this exercise referral, sounds like something that may help a gym-phobic fatty like me, they make be able to help sort out my bad back while they're at it. I swear I joined a new gym that opened in my city on January 4th, it's now February 8th and I've not been once...so ashamed.

Xenical are alright though, I've had them in the past and never had any nasty side effects unless I ate something really high in fat, high fat foods should be avoided when on a healthy eating plan anyway.

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