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I went to sainsburys earlier to buy some ducolax and I took two about 3.30, I have not had to use these before but am coming up to week 10 and haven't been for 5 days, this has caused me to have quite bad cramps after my packs so it was my only solution. The thing is I have never used them inmy life before so was a bit scared of using them. Has anyone else had to use them and if so are they effective and safe:sigh:
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Yes I've used them and they are fine, I usually only take one to start with as they can make you feel a little crampy.

Hope it sorts the problem out for you hun, it can be miserable.



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Iv used them quite alot they are really good :)
I usually take 2-3 anymore i get really bad stomach cramps
Hope you feel better soon xxxx


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yes i've used them, although i wouldn't take them in the afternoon, you'll be up in the middle of the night :rolleyes:


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Very good stuff - I only take one at bedtime. The first time it was pretty awful, now the effect is quite gentle. My counsellor said once a week is fine - better if the day before your WI... ;)


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oh no, do you think it will have me up in the nite, since I started LL I have slept like a baby and I have drank 5.5 litres of water today, never mind as long as this pain goes


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You might just be up in the night, I always take them before going to bed, mind you, you might just be glad of the relief!

Hope it resolves itself soon.


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I know you aren't supposed to use ducolax on Cambridge as they are too strong.

They've been known to cause a lot of pain, so CD don't recommend them. I would have thought that the same would apply to LL.


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my LL counciller reccomended them to me KD :) xxxx


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only the pearls tho :) x


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Dulcolax is one of the better forms of relieving the problem because it acts slowly rather than all in one hit like other forms!! It can be crampy, more so when your food intake is low but we recommend it at our pharmacy even for those on vlcd... it doesn't agree with everyone but no medication does. I've taken it on numerous occasions and not had a problem but I do know others who have... my llc also recommended it :D Hope it works for you Lola :)
oops! You took them in the afternoon? Good luck tonight! I think they all say in their instructions to take at bedtime so they work while you are asleep.

You may well be up in the middle of the night. A few times.

But they do work - sometimes takes two.
I've taken them and they do work and when they do you'll feel so much better.
Hey, I too have taken them, but only ever one at a time as this seems to do the trick!! :)

Hope you find relief!!! hee hee ;)
oh im so glad someone who has the same problem!!! i bought these yesterday cos id not been to loo for 4 days and was gettin a wee bit scared cos I could feel the problem! took 2 and last night was amazing, it certainly did the trick for me, is constipation a normal side effect of a vlcd diet?
Think I'm gonna have to get myself some I haven't BEEN for over a week now:eek: I don't feel uncomfortable but think I better do something about it before problems start.

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