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Whilst I was on holiday I worried loads about the fact that I was not following my diet.

Not only that whilst I was there I regularly ate 'bad' foods (no bingeing - just regular portions!). I was completely convinced that I would gain loads of weight through this.

Yet I have gained none - I have maintained my weight.

I will be going to Malta for Christmas and I don't want to spend another week fretting just because I don't have complete control of what I eat.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can keep my head clear of worry and keep food in 'moderation'.

I was thinking perhaps to aim to have at least have two meals a day that are in line with my diet and let the other be whatever!

When I was away I didn't have any three course meals - I think that might be good behaviour to adopt again at Xmas...

Does anyone else obsess a bit like me now about keeping control?

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx
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chicken on a mission

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Hi Curvy :)

My tip to you would be that before you make your food choices ask yourself if you would be pleased with the choices you made if you were looking back from the next day. If you would be pleased with yourself then go ahead, if you wouldn't then have another think :)


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Hiya Curvy

I agree with Chicken...also tune in to what your body needs...ask yourself the question "am I hungry" and if so, "what am I hungry for?".. You will be surprised to learn that the answer is not always food! :eek:

Sometimes we use food as a substitute for all sorts such as loneliness, happiness, boredom, etc....but we also use food to replace fluid! We often eat when what we actually want is a drink....

You will be fine, Curvy, because you are already aware of what is going on and with awareness will come action..just relax, hun, you're ok! :)