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Pete - what happened with your running??

Been meaning to catch you and ask. I noticed SB saying that you were to keep off the exercise, but I seem to have missed why. I am keen to start running again and am about to move my treadmill so that I can use it, but is running a no no now? I know that you were doing well when I last spoke to you?

I've been upping my walking the last week and have got a new pedometer that I can just hang around my neck which is really good and I've been trying to get to 10000 steps a day, but should I hang on to start the running until RTM??
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I've still been doing it, but not massive amounts, and been mixing it with some bike riding as well as some lower-level weigh-lifting work too (have to take it easy, don't want to be 'gaining' because of it! :p ).

I really think the key is just to do what you are comfortable with, and at no point should you "push" yourself to go further. When exercising and eating a "normal" diet, it's acceptable to "feel the burn" and push your limits, whereas on LL chances are that's going to do more harm than good.

Today I went out and (casually) rode my bike for around 30 minutes, probably covered a few miles in a circuit around where I live, and felt fine with it. When walking home from work I still incorporate running in there as well, trying to do about half running and half walking now (split up into 5mins walk, 5mins run, repeat until I get home) though at this point I'm using my bike more and from tomorrow I plan to be riding to and from work (which will probably be about a 30 minute ride each way).

Like I said, the key is just to know when you have done enough, and leave it there. Certainly to begin with it won't take much for you to feel knackered out, but like anything the more you do it over time the better you get :) I seem to be at the point now where I feel almost 'normal' while doing the exercise - guess that's just due to my fitness levels improving.

And of course, the KEY thing to remember here is, you don't NEED to do it for the weightloss to continue. YES, it's good to get in the habit of it, YES it feels great that you can do it, and dare I say it, YES the more you do it the more it makes you WANT to do it! :D

I tell you, I can't wait until the Easter half term, when hopefully I'll move into my new apartment, as then I'll have a private gym in the basement of the complex! :D :D I can foresee an addiction coming on....................
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I know I'm butting in but just wanted to share my experience of it with you.

I love the exercise but the one thing I'd say is to watch out for the hunger pangs! I still exercise but find it v hard to stay away from food the next day although I am managing it most of the time now :).

You're so close to RTM that it isn't a v long wait to start anyway :)

Emma xXx
Thanks for that you two. Really helpful.

Emma, you are right, I have about two or three weeks before I start RTM, so I might put it off a little bit longer as I've been feeling a little dizzy, etc, already, so don't want to push things. I'll try and keep up the walking and see how I do from that respect, and gradually up the exercise when I'm eating more.

Thanks again!

Just edited to add - Pete, a gym in the basement!! Whoa!! You'll never be on here anymore - they'll have to prise you off the machines!
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on the hunger note, do remember if you push yourself hard and body is hungry you must eat right away, in our case a shake or a bar, the body goes in hunt of food and if it does not find it then it eats the muscle.

So be careful not to push it too hard at this point.

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