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Peter Kay

Friends of mine went to see his new shows in Manchester - this was when he wasn't going to tour and they booked before he did the tour and could have seen him in Newcastle lol.

They said he was fantastic and using all-new material as PK is often accused of having only one act and being a one-trick pony. Highly recommended they said.
i am looking forward to seeing him, just not the hassell of going out in the cold and the worst bit will be finding a parking space and then trying to get out of the car park at the end of the night!!!
I've seen him and he was fantastic - all his material was new (he did make reference to old stuff but didn't overdo it). I went to the MEN arena and every single person was howling with laughter. In fact I'm going again next year..lol. Enjoy it!!
Not yet, but I'm going on Monday. Really looking forward to it :D

There's a load of us going so theres a bus organised, no fighting for a parking space for me ;)
i love going to a comedy show!!! i am seeing Russell Howard next Feb, and have in the past seen Russell Brand, Al Murray and a few others at local Comedy stores.....have the best time he is super jealous!!! xxx
I Seen him in the Liverpool summer pop a few years ago when he done all his garlic bread etc stuff. We also went to see him @ the MEN a few months ago and as a previous poster said he does loads of new stuff with references to old stuff. I wont give anything away but the bit he does with the mis-heared song lyrics had me wetting myself!!!!!
Peter Kay was fab last night. all new stuff really. fab. you can really relate to what he says and how he turns it into a joke. well worth going to see but i did miss x factor!!! the arena food and drink was a total rip off. i was half expecting peter to bring the prices into a joke but did not. the merchandise was also a total rip off.
cant wait for him to bring the tour onto a dvd cos there was a few bits i could not work out what he was saying. i was also sick of people getting up out of their seats to go to the loo! more annoying was the fact that some had sat for ages in their seat and decided to go to the toilet when Peter came on stage!
And the highlight in Brid tomorrow? Ken Dodd :confused:
Hey - never underestimate the genious that is Ken Dodd - he managed to play Sunderland Empire last week and I never knew about it!

Possibly the last, or one of the last of the greats - he is absolutely hilarious and a true master of his art. I'd advise anyone who has a few hours to spare to go and see him while you still can. Be prepared to leave the venue in the early hours as a 2 hour show can often mean 4 hours+ with Doddy!

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