Phallic toy alert!

Why do people keep asking if my posts are for real? :D :D is for real.

Look here

...the stocking's hung...and so is dora the explorer by the looks of it..OMG...RAOFPMSL!!:eek:
Ohhhhhh bloody nora!!!!! PMSL
I was in NY last week & had one of them in my hand to buy for my Dora FANATIC 3 yr old but not once did I make THAT conclusion... & I'm usually the one sniggering down the back at every little thing said in the 'oooh I bet that's what he said!' way!!
I just thought it looked creepy & the concept was totally creepy, how the thing moved, the noises it made etc...
Laughing my ass off now about it he he he he!!!
My daughter has one of these (not dora the explorer) - although it really does look very similar to something I was brought by hubby as a special pressie a few months ago..........;)