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Phase 2 : After Xmas Wahoo!


Don't know if anybody remembers me from before Xmas anyway... I lost 3 and half stone but came off the diet for my birthday before xmas.

Anyway I'm back on it now starting this week... I must admit the 2nd time is alot harder than the first.

Only 2 stone to lose this time tho.. well 2 and a halfish.. I dunno suppose im playing it by ear lol..

Btw... can anyone answer.. I know you can drink Coke Zero in moderation but does that go for all the Zero varities e.g Dr Pepper?

Matt :)
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Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Hi Mattbibby,

Welcome back. Congrats on losing 3 stone, well done. U'll have no prob getting off the last two.

I also found phase 2 harder but as u know after first week becomes a lot easier!! Keep drinkin the water and keep out of the kitchen :)

U can't have any drinks except water, leaf tea and black coffee on lipotrim. :sigh: So any diet or fizzy drinks will keep you out of ketosis.:eek:

Best of luck :)


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Umm, People on Cambridge diet are aloud 2 x cans of some Zero drinks a day. I have been following their methods :) They can have Coke Zero and Dr Pepper Zero. They are zero carbs and zero cals, so i dont see why we cant have them.


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Oh, and there is no citric acid in the two i mentioned. Sprite Zero, fanta zero and lilt zero are not aloud as they have citric acid
Ahh thats what I thought... hehe

I've been drinkin say little glass of Dr Pepper Zero every couple of days... still managed to lose half a stone this week.. so to anyone who needs sommin a little diff to water.. I would recommend a little dosage of Coke or Dr Pepper ZERO.

All is going well.. I have now gone past my existing finishin weight of Phase 1.. So xmas weight has been dealt with and im starting to see new visions of me... I'm so over the moon and can't wait for each day to go past where I feel slimmer every day :D


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Hiya Matt, welcome back to the forum.......of course we remember you.....we never forget any of our forum friends.:)

Yep I've had coke zero. Its fine, you are right it will not knock you out of ketosis......definitely keep an eye on the citric acid.....as that is the naughty ketosis-knocker-outerer!!!! (ummmm a new word for the dictionary!!)

Yuna is obviously doing it by the book.....well done hun. If you can cope with drinking water and not having to drink these other drinks FANTASTIC....I wish I could!

Good luck again Matt....you'll have that last couple of stone gone in no time.

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