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Philhiro's Diary

Hello Guys!

Well here i am at the end of Day 1 of my weight loss campaign!! and its all gone quiet well or so i would like to think!

I currently weight 182lbs but really want to get down to 154lbs (11st) before the summer! I am just really going to be watching what i eat and trying to cut out poor food and drink!

I dont really have a diet plan as such, just to cut out as much fat/carbs as possible and drink more water! I dont feel i have a massive challenge ahead of me but still one which will require some work!

So here we are Day 1! and 28lbs left to lose, however when i get down to 11st as a 5'8'' male im not sure i will be happy with it but thats a goal for now!

I will post each day and let everyone know how i get on! I would post some weekley photo's are these allowed? if someone could let me know that would be great!

Many Thanks
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The very best of luck! :D

I am early on in my diet too, just finished the first week tonight.

I do think pics are allowed :)

H x
Hello guys! Just had my third weigh in, im doing it daily at the moment! but understand that its probably not 100% accurate that way! This is really just a quick post as i have now managed to lose around 3lbs so far and really pleased with the results and keen to keep this going!

Im not really doing anything diet like , too much... just cutting out the rubbish and only eating when im actually hungry and just when im bored which i think has been one of my problems in the past!

Overall im really pleased with the results and keen to keep this up, with previous diets/weight loss i have found the first 3 days to be the hardest as once your in routine it is easier to stick too. One thing i still need to cut down on is my intake of white bread, its my worse healthy eating habit as its soo easy to knock up a sandwich when hungry!

Anyway guys that it for now

Wishing you all the best of luck! Cutting out junk will certainly make a difference, and oh I love bread too, and yes it's too easy whip up a sandwich, but now I sort of count it all into my daily intake so i dont suffer the guilt.
Hello again! Firstly thank you CuddlePaws, and yes the not eating/drinking junk technique seems to be working fine but i feel it may only work for the easier excess pounds. My lifestyle hasnt really changed im just avoiding take aways / pubs and eating when im bored.

I weighed in again about ten minutes ago at 177.4lbs, so in total 4.6lbs lost this week, which i am very pleased about and long for it to continue. I have got past the hard inital days and eating healthily is almost becoming a routine to me. I'm sure as my weight gets lower the ammount i lose will become less each week and i may have to go on a proper diet but im getting results this way at the moment and will stick to it until it needs to be changed!

I have mainly been 'missing' breakfast, I know! I know! its just when i wake up just before its the last thing on my mind. I grab a salad at lunch then have a cooked meal at home. All snacks have been thrown out and the evil/sinful convience of a mini fridge is no more!

Anyway thank you for the support and i will keep you posted
Final post of week one , its day 7 of the diet and i have just weighed in at 6.4lbs less than i did one week ago! needless to say im very happy with the result.
The changes are becoming visible which above all is the biggest motivation tool. As i have mentioned before i havent got a certain diet type im just eating less and more healthily, and whilst its working i have no plans to change it. I have now lost the easy pounds and expect it too slow down but all in all very happy with the results and looking forward to week 2.
Evening Guys!
I never thought i would make it this far to be honest and its only day 8 or day 1 of week 2. I thought i would have given up but to be honest i dont even miss eating junk food... i feel healthier as a person and when i wake up in the morning im feeling fresher and more alert too, and not to mention the physical side. I feel more active and look and feel slimmer too. This has been great for motivation.

So in all i have lost 6lbs and cant wait to the the 1/2 stone mark, im really determined to stick at this and my results so far have been encouraging.

Not alot to write about really i lost weight and then maintained over the weekend, i dont post what i eat as im not a particular diet and still eat as i want and what i want its just now got to a stage where i dont even want to eat the fatty foods.


Many Thanks
Peace Out x
Sounds like you are really happy and following the right lifestyle that suits you, and that's fantastic! No fads or money thrown into the already too rich dieting industry. Well done, I'm really pleased for you!
Half a stone! Finally this morning when i weighed in i have crossed the half a stone line, A Big mile stone as it puts me over a quarter of the way towards my goal :)

As CuddlePaws mentions above i am pleased to be doing my diet just on normal food and my own notepad as too much money is spent by people trying lose weight either at meetings or on 'diet' products/foods and to be honest the only reason they work is because they have less calories. But to be honest yes i didnt want to waste money on that sort of stuff! i would rather eat healthy normal foods and spend the money on treats for myself when i hit each milestone.

So yes, Milestone 1 hit, maybe quicker than i thought..... but off to the shop to spend some money!!! woop!

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