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OK I have added them to my profile albums, how do i post them onto a thread?
I don't know how you post them on a thread hun but most people will just go into your profile album and have a peek like I have just done and I must say- a very well done, there is such a difference and you don't look like crap hun. Keep it up, you are doing fab and looking good xx.
Truffle I can't see them <sobsabit> blimy Zoe look at you girly!!! Fab!! I really must add some more up to date ones of me, I think my last ones were taken in September (the 80's party ones). xxx
furry i think i put the album as private, I will add you as a friend now so u can see them x
Thanks love x
sweetie, can I just say, you are like me and have an 'hourglass' figure and a small bum. You are gonna look just gorgeous!!!!!!! 2stone has made such a difference already, well done!! xxx
gorgeous little ones too xx
LOL @ hourglass, well i suppose its there somewhere but I look like a pint glass at the moment :D:D:D

Thank you both you and Zoe for your lovely comments, I take pics all the time but its only been today that I have noticed a difference in the photos so thank-you xxxx


hoping for a good loss
thats why I couldn't see the pics then bah lol. Thought I was doing something wrong


hoping for a good loss
your waist looks tiny. Wish mine was - but it will be,

Looking fab my lovely. Bet you are thrilled with the changes
I am thrilled but im still quite embarrased about my body. I do think the pics are rather deceiving though as I am far from tiny. I suppose you just know yourself when you feel right.

On a brighter note i just tried a pair of old jeans on and got them on! Tight but i got them on!!! :D:D:D:D xxx


hoping for a good loss
believe me hun, 16 is tiny compared to me lol.

Thrilled you have just got into a pair of jeans that wouldn't do up before
You will get there hun, its not that long a road on CD just think come the summer you will be able to wear all those lovely nice summer clothes!!!! x x x x
Awww thanks hun, I will keep them on there until I am brave enough to post a decent pic of me with a head on the shoulders lol xxx
hee hee Im starting burlesque dancing soon....do you think i should post the corset and stockings pics and scare everyone rofl!!!!
I wanna see 2....!!! :)

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