Phrases you hate. Diet and non-diet related


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Mine are
  1. I hear what you're saying, but…(followed by something that shows they didn't hear a word)
  2. If it's making you stressed you should stop doing it' (yeah..right…then where would we be if I stopped doing everything)
  3. I'm not being racist it's just a fact. Or….I'm not racist but……..(followed by some racist comment)
  4. Your call is very important to us :rolleyes:
  5. Women drivers! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  6. It's easy to lose weight. Eat less…exercise more… (Oh right! That's how you do it!:D)
  7. Don't take this the wrong way
  8. Whaeva….
  9. Talk to the hand
  10. He made me . (from kids at school)
  11. You look fine (DH..every single time I make an effort to look extra special. Okay, I know…I shouldn’t ask)
Care to add more?
12. You have such a pretty face, if only....... (generally dies off into embarrassed silence!):eek: :eek:

13. Do you really need to lose anymore? You don't want to get skinny!!! :eek: (I have a good 7 stone left to lose - skinny in my dreams! :rolleyes: )

14. You know since you lost weight, you've got a lot meaner :eek: (from ex-TBF)

15. Obviously you don't want to lose the weight enough (generally from the same people who say no.6! :mad: )
I don't want to sound rude......So stop what you're about to say then!

That's a nasty spot on your chin.....Really? Oh hadn't noticed the volcanoe erupting on my face, thank you so much for drawing my attention to it and everyone elses!

Those dogs are huge......Er yeah they are aren't they, this as I walk my 2 Newfies. Why must people state the obvious EVERY single time I walk them!

I could go on but I'm sounding like a moaner so I'll stop now.........Probably come back later though:D

My worst to date and somehowso hurtful was from my friend and neighbour who is normally veyr kind and sweet; on hearing that I was embarking on this plan of cal counting and exercise, she said ' Oh, I am so glad for you, you have such a pretty face and really could be so dainty but you are stuck inside this large frame' I did not know what to say, I still don't, but it hurt. Is that really all people see in me?
She was suffering from a classic case of 'Foot in Mouth' disease Barb. Just remember this .... in all situations, people who mind don't matter: and people who matter don't mind. :)

A phrase that ticks me off is, when they hear how fast the weight has come off ...
"THAT'S a bit drastic isn't it?"

This has got to be my no.1!!!

Oh, come on you don't need to lose any weight, you look fine! - yeah right at a size 16/18 I'm just dandy!!! :mad:
Everyone needs a place to vent their spleen hey!?

I hate it when people say:

Your beauty comes from within (so that means I look ugly hey?)

and when my mum compares me to my sister:
You (me) are the ones with the brains, and she (my sister) is the one with the looks!


I also hate.. Your call is very important to us
and please listen to the following instructions... please press 1 for... 2 for....