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Picking :-(

Just been stupid. Had a dairylea cheese triangle. Two spoons of curry and a few peanuts. And 3 crackers. Missed a shake cos I was mad busy today, was starving when I came in. Just annoyed and can't seem to stop. So went upstairs.
Need to STOP.
I've gotta be 100% tomorrow or it'll get worse.
Thanks, rant over :-S
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Stubborn tortoise
Just seen this... thanks for bumping. Draw a line under it hun and pretend it didn't happen... move on. The more you stress the more likely it is to snowball, so well done on getting away from the kitchen! Hope today is better for you!
Thanks but I've totally messed it up today, any little picking is so bloody BAD:mad: Im so so angry with myself. I've had a stupid massive binge and I feel like a complete failure.:break_diet:
I know I should carry on but feeling like whats the point and its only day 17.:cry::cry::cry:

If I have nothing until tomorrow and loads of water, could I get a small loss by monday?!
Just sit back and think of how well you've done so far, 17 days in is a big achievement! That's over 2 weeks of no food :)

I used to be 26st 11lb in 2008/2009 then did Lighter Life for a while and dropped down to 16st 3lb, I ended up going back up to 20st 5lb which is where I am now, but I know that the food I enjoy will still be there in 6 months time, I don't need to eat it now as I can enjoy it sensibly when I've lost the weight - which is why I've come to do the Cambridge SS diet, I know Lighter Life worked for me; I'm sure Cambridge will too!

We can do it, we just need the belief, you should control the food you eat rather than let it control you!

Chin up, you CAN do it!


Stubborn tortoise
Totally agree with Jfryyy. 17 days!!! I can only dream of that! You have come a long way... don't let this derail you! I know all too well how the binges can start, that's why I'm here after all... but you have had 16 GOOD days and you can have 16 more, then 16 more, as many good days as it takes you to get to goal in fact. Don't starve yourself until tomorrow, have lots of water and a shake later if you start to feel wobbly. You may still get a loss, and if you don't then gain will only be water weight and soon lost again.

You CAN do it chick. Big hugs.


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