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pics one month in

hey Tillyfloss

you honestly look 10 years younger!! Your new hair suits you sooo much in comparison to your before pic (hope you dont mind me saying) and your face looks so much slimmer already!!

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss... you are doing fab!!
of course i dont mind you saying scarlett, the thing is, i had given up on myself... often wore the dressing gown and slouched around... my hair i jsut didnt bother with... a lot of other stuff had happened too which made me feel very down but yes, i just didnt care...
Now I am in a much better place so it's good to look back and think ooooooerrrrr never ever again!!!
Just gorgeous Tilly! I love how your big beautiful browns pop now! Your cheeks & chin look so much more defined.

And your new hairdo/colour is so sexy too!


I'm determined this time!
Wow Tilly - you look great!! What a difference 19lbs makes . . . just imagine what you are going to look like whe you get to your target - amazing!!

Another source of inspiration to keep me going! Thanks!
I am feeling quite choked now.
I have never been so positive and am so looking forward to getting rid of the next pile of weight....
You are all inspirational to me... and Marissa.... I really am right behind you... well not right behind... but am there!!!



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You look completely different, wow! Love the hair, and your face is much slimmer too. You look lots happier in the 2nd pic as well. You're a brilliant advert for CD! :)


Loving losing
You look fantastic! The new hairdo suits you so much. Well done, a real inspiration to everyone.



Stubborn tortoise
You look just fab Tilly... big difference and kind of radiant, too. Well done honey!



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Wow, what a difference. Great to hear you're feeling good about yourself. You look fantastic, you must be so excited to see what you will look like with even just one more stone off. I find photos great, can never see the difference in the mirror but photos really show it up.

Congrats, again :)

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