picture! eeeek!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by thefutureisbright, 29 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. hey, pretty freaky posting my picture but here goes... (im the one in the white)

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  3. *Pink Pixie*

    *Pink Pixie* on the road to slimdom


    omg! wow, wow, wow!

    how absolutely fabulous do you look??

    i dont think i would ever take that dress off either girl, it looks awesomely amazing!!

    an inspiration to us all xxx
  4. pinkiepie

    pinkiepie Full Member

    Wow you look stunning tfb, that dress looks gorgeous.
    no wonder you got such nice comments
    nikki x
  5. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

    You look Fantastic!!! What a stunning piccy.

  6. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    WOWEEEEEEEE Wittttt Whooooooooo

    You look beautiful hun. Absolutely stunning. xx

    PRINCESSB Member

    awwwhh your very pretty........love the outfit.....
  8. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    aww hun you look absolutely fantastic. not surprising you got so many compliments!! xxxxxxxxxx :D
  9. sweety-cheeks

    sweety-cheeks Full Member

  10. scorpio dawny

    scorpio dawny keeps on trying

    well done you look amazing
  11. slimshady

    slimshady Full Member

    you sure do look lovely thefutureisbright and i take it you were sticking to the water, just drinking out of a straw so people think you are having lemonade right?:D

    My friends where drinking vodka with straws so i thought i would join in! :) You are quite the hawk eye arent u!? lol

    Thanks to everyone for your kind comments xox
  13. slimshady

    slimshady Full Member


    You drinking fizzy water adds to my motivation, got a hen's party on Sat and planing to stick to it, it just means LP= Socialising and not LP = No Socialising !

    really nice picture and very lovely dress!
  14. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    why can't I see this - is it to do with my number of posts etc ??
    I wannnnnnna seeeeee
  15. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    U Look awesome hun!!! Fab dress !! xxxxxx
  16. macabar

    macabar Full Member

    wow very elegant!
  17. Olivia's Army

    Olivia's Army Full Member

    You look beautiful...well done! x
  18. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    you look absolutely gorgeous. xx
  19. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    you look gorgeous missus - just as i imagined you would be :D

  20. HopeSprings

    HopeSprings Gold Member

    You look like you're thoroughly enjoying yourself and no wonder....all those compliments and knowing you look good. Well done you, you look incredible.
  21. hey...

    Oh i was quite nervous about putting my pic up as i was afraid i had built it up too much...

    Thanks again for all ur kind and supportive comments.

    You lot really are a cool bunch. xox

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