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Pictures - Comparison - Week 7 to Week 10


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Some of you may have seen the pics i posted of me and my jeans in week 7 well ... i am now on week 10 and have just measured myself and thought what the heck lets take more pictures of me and my jeans - seeing as though i am half way through! :D hehe

I can't see alot of difference although i see it just a tiny bit :) Just thought i'd share as its photos like this that get me even more focused and determined (if thats possible! ha) xxx

Week 7

Week 10

Week 7

Week 10

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A little of everything!
TBH- I can notice it more in your face & upper body!! A LOT!!
(Though they do look like they're bigger jeans in the wk 10 photo's! LOL!)


Full Member
I agree, you can really see a difference in your face. It's really inspiring to see pics like this, cos you can't notice it so starkly in yourself can you?
Well done :)
And thanks for giving us all a bit of motivation! x
Yep! I can see a real difference as well ! God, you will be standing inside one leg very soon!! Brilliant!


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Thanks guys :)

Thats where i am noticing it too - in my face which is ideal - no more 99 chins!!!!!!!! haha


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I can see the difference Summer, you are doing amazing. You should post a pic when you were wearing those jeans too.

Well done, you are doing super.


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kred i cant do that else it means my belly might be on show - i did think about it though! lol Few more weeks and maybe! lol x


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Ooooh right!!!!! There is one in my album actually - i shall put it up later :)


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Wow, thats AWESOME! You can DEFINATELY tell a difference, like Kered said they actually look like bigger jeans, good on you :)


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Hun there is 100% a difference! Believe every compliment you are getting cos it's just dropping off you!xx


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Aw cheers guys!

I really do wish that sometimes i could see what people say! It will come :)
Cant see you

Hi Summergirl , I cant see your pictures just week7 and week ten. Computers aint really my thing so is there something I have to do to see them ????????:confused:


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yes mch - you have to post 50times before you can see peoples profile piccy albums :)

didnt realise that sorry . Still a relative newbie here just love looking at peoples success , always spurs me on :eek:


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Its great isnt it! Have a look at the inspirational slide show - always a great motivator!

It's at the top of the page near where you click on 'user cp' :)


Slowly but surely!
Wow hun your doing great, keep meaning to ask someone to take some pics of me to do a comparison but havent had the guts yet lol Well done! :) x


I will be skinny again!!!
you can see a big difference chick!! Def in your face and arms and if you look at the point of your body on the jeans you can see it too!!

Well done keep it up!!


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Thanks girls! :)

mummyem - i take them myself on a timer lol

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