Pictures of me from last night

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
As some of you requested a few pics of me. I only got a few as was in a rush to drop the kids off.

The comedy club was rubbish, we left early as didn't find it very funny which was disappointing. I did however have lots to drink & a dirty great kebab which was delicious (had chicken shish).

I had a bit of a sore head this morning but I'm straight back on plan & had a great day food wise. I'm cooking roast chicken at the moment so dinner will be soon.

WI tomorrow, it will be amazing if I lose...but I do have a life & even if I put on it'll be off next week XX
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synful soul
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You look lovely, just stunning !!!!

big hugs xxxx


Gold Member
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You look great in those photos, I <3 the belt! :)


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Big bear?

looking more like a cub by the day. Well done !



I see the light!
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looking fab! and what a positive way to look at things.



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You look really lovely,shame about the club but I bet you enjoyed the kebab, yum yum!!! (lickin lips);)


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You look great and I'm gad that you enjoyed yourself. Good luck at WI x


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You look fab!! Glad you had a good night (apart from the club :) ) and well done on getting straight back on plan xx