First day back on Lipo today, and found it quite easily surprisingly!!! Think I have the right head on!! Have even cut out a couple of pictures from magazines of celebs in bikinis and stuck them onto my kitchen cupboards to keep momentum and to stop me reaching for the biccie tin if I get craving!!!!
that's not a bad idea, might try that myself! lol would be hilarious to see my face on scarlett johansons and kelly brooks bodies tho, but no doubt huge encouragement :) good luck xxxxxxx
i WILL feel great, eventually! unfortunately i restarted today having gained it all back and more :( have to changemy signature (it's from last year) but don't own a scales so going to weigh myself tomorrow, gonna change it then. bit depressing looking at how well i did but i'm doing it properly this time! Gonna get to goal! Best of luck hun xxxxxx