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Pig to Princess Diaries

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Pigtoprincess2014, 14 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    I googled my username to see if I could find a decent avatar and I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable with what I saw.
    I'm basically Peppa Pig in a ballet tutu.

    So I opted for myself.

    My names Kayla, I'm 26 year old postgraduate student who does shift work.

    Skip intro: I want to lose 93lbs. I'm sitting at 224lbs 5'6, (previously 270) doing slimming world, joining next Friday. Feel free to chat!

    The only time I've been a normal weight was at birth, and even then I was premature so technically a fatty at 8lb something. I've always thought of myself as big, and remember seeing the girls coming out of the church hall in tutus when I was 4 and thinking I was too fat to do ballet. I was bullied, comfort ate, gained, bullied, comfort ate etc. and never really mastered socialization.

    At college I managed to grab 4 other girls to attach myself to and by the time I was 18 I dropped my puppy fat and was a comfortable size 14-16UK. Then I went to uni, and met a man (never a good thing), ballooned to 270lbs (2010) ended up in hospital with suspected pulmonary embolism (my worst fear!), it wasn't. They said it was muscular-skeletal or as it turns out, this year, possibly MS or Fibromyalgia, I've not been back for diagnosis.

    After that man left me a week before graduation (2010) I dropped about 2 stone, then that christmas my Nan died. She was the light of my life, I put a bit back on, couldn't give a hoot by this point.

    In January 2011 I met my new man, and were still together now, just. Were going on our first proper holiday together, in August to Teneriffe, and I'd like to lose around 28lbs for it!
    I've never been confident. I don't wear clothes I want to wear. I like quiet pubs to watch the footy in where I can blend in, in jeans and T-shirts with a pint in my hand and maybe a bag of peanuts to nibble on. Clubs give me migraines. I haven't been much of a fan for eating out in restaurants (Oh look! fatties eating again) but since being with my current boyfriend, I enjoy that time we spend together, enjoying a meal and talking, plus he lives in the Midlands and they're more accepting, and don't put value on your weight, unlike London which I battle every day. You get the odd idiot up there, but in London If you aren't slim, blonde, in a suit, have nice hair and makeup, don't even think about getting on that train first! It's like there's Fast Pass for Pretty People.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is it! Beast Mode is activated, there's no going back. I have until next August when I finish my course to get to my goal weight. To be serious, I work in an area where people look at you for help, motivation and confidence and I can't give it if I don't have it myself, my ultimate goal is to be an inspiration and a role model, not only to people I know but also strangers.

    If you made it this far :thankyou:
    Last edited: 14 June 2014
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  3. Tesam2931

    Tesam2931 Silver Member

    Hello Kayla
    First of all :clap: well done you on your massive loss so far, you're a real inspiration.
    I think it's good to look at targets in "bite size" pieces, say half a stone at a time, that way it doesn't sound so daunting. You've given yourself plenty of time to reach your target.
    Good luck with your goals, I know you can do it.
  4. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hi Kayla! My congrats with your loss! Great job!! Wish you good luck! Don't miss your way, keep going and you will get what you want!! Come for support any time;-) I know how motivation is important in our hard battle with weight;-(((
  5. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    Thank you Tina! Yea I agree, if you aim for large amounts if becomes too much and you get disheartened if you don't lose it quick enough. Sure I'm aiming two stone for holiday, but if I weigh anything less than I do now and I'll be happy! Good luck on your journey, I hope you'll pop by from time to time to hold me accountable! Kayla
  6. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    Thanks GigerJV! It is hard! We'll all get there in the end , pop by anytime, good luck on your journey too! And I'll definitely take you up on that support offer!
  7. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    Sunday 15th June - 4 days till SW day

    I had a slim-fast shake on my way to work, feeling like Id had a good night sleep. I got to the other end an hour before I started so I went to Costa and treated myself to a bacon bap (for lunch) and a medium skinny latte, I very much enjoyed both.

    As I was working till 8 pm I took a Dolmio Fusilli Bolognese pasta pot with me and had that about 5:30 for dinner.

    On my return journey I had abuse shouted at me from an unsavoury looking character who had taken in upon himself to advice me that I was f-ing fat. I ignored him and when I got to the station bought a dairy milk LU biscuit thing and a bag of Special K sour cream cracker crisps. All in all he cost me 275 calories.

    I am not fazed I probably would of bought them anyway, but now I'm home I'm determined not to eat anything else. I'm up again in 8 hours to go back to work, I don't need food.

    Totalling 1242 cals today.

    On a positive note I felt like I was slimmer this morning! And only 4 whole days till I join Slimming World!! Hoorah!

    x Kayla x
  8. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    16th June 2014 - 3 days till SW Day!!

    Today wasn't a great day, I filled up early this morning on a Slim-Fast shake, plus 1 and a bit slices of toast, trying to prevent a big dinner in the evening. It didn't work.

    I found out I have passed my Math and Biology exam and in my excitement forgot to grab my lunch on the way out. So ended up with a tiny high calorie BLT from Costa. It was a very very long short shift, I'm exhausted. I nipped to the shop on break and treated myself to a packet of hula hoops and a bottle of diet coke. Fizz and Carbs are 2 of my food groups. Then when I got home made a Birds Eye chicken grill (full of salt!) a birds eye southern fried chicken grill and some oven chips. I've had 1L of water and 2 cups of tea and a cup of green tea. I'm hoping all the liquid will help.
    No matter what I try, I can't control my eating in the evening. I'm hoping when I start classes my consultant will have some ideas that don't involve carrot stick nibbling, because I've tried and it won't cut it.

    Quantity wise I haven't had much, I've just wasted calories. Total: 1,583

    The weather is a lot cooler so I'm more comfortable and can sleep better at night, but it also means I'm drinking and sweating less. I can't help but think my 3lb loss last week was to do with a combination of that. I can not wait till Friday! 9am class, and it's payday! It's been an incredibly long, struggle of a month. I'm going straight after group to do a food shop. I'm off tomorrow so going to do some research and do a shopping list. I'm going to be terrified walking in there but I have to do it!!

    x Kayla x
  9. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    That is a reasonable amount of calories. It's around what I aim for daily. I wouldn't. Worry to much about it.

    Success happens when you keep trying no matter how often you might slip up.
  10. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Many congrats on parring ur exams :)))) and ur weightloss xx
    Last edited: 18 June 2014
  11. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    17th June 2014 - 2 days till SW Day!!

    I'm stuffed. I just ate a ridiculous amount of chicken bites, I now need a nap.

    My mum found a box of 60 chicken bites, a party pack from Christmas and was going to throw it as it was taking up valuable freezer space that will soon be filled by my SW stuff :p anyway, I said no! What a waste, I'll have them...:gimi:

    No I didn't eat them all.
    I've portioned them out. Some I had for dinner, some to put in a couple of salads for lunches and some for dinner tomorrow night or whatever, because I'm on a long shift tomorrow meaning I leave at 5:30am and I may not get back till 10pm. I need to pre-plan at least two meals. I'm not sure whether to have a pasta pot for lunch and chicken bite salad for dinner, or the other way round. Total calories 1856. I'll be on my feet all day tomorrow, so I will work it off. According to MFP that's still under my calories (by 4) but I'm assuming in SW language thats a massive booboo!

    In other news!! I've started to compile a SW portfolio/scrapbook with recipes and lists of HEs, Syns, and shopping lists; which I'm preparing ready for Friday when I'm paid.

    Screenshot (2).png

    I'm hoping it will have awards in it too one day! Only 2 whole days to go!!

    Oh dear, I just saw an Ice cream advert.
  12. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Try not to worry to much about going to group. It is difficult I know when you are new. Sure you will be fine.

    I have problems in the evenings. Live alone so nobody to watch. At class they have things like - ham wrapped around pineapple, - the pineapple being the superfree - whole fruit like bananas, even frozen ones so they take longer to eat. Frozen grapes. Maybe home made soup, of course if you have the time to do it. Maybe some meat and salad - as long as you have superfree i.e the saland, it would be fine.
    Can`t think of anything else off the top of my head.
    Good luck for Friday.
  13. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    Thanks for the tips! Frozen grapes sound great! Never thought of that. I tried freezing bananas and they went brown, not sure they're suppose to do that. Thanks for the luck, I hope everyone's nice, if not, It'll just spur me on even more!

    x Kayla x
  14. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    For freezing bananas peel and chop them up then freeze. They can go a bit brown but are still edible. Muller lights used to be a free food, I freeze them and have them like ice cream. Or on frozen berries. Yum. Jelly I think is a free one (sugar free of course) add sone berries.
  15. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Aw honi, u will an asset to the group!!! Tomorrow is my fifth meeting, i'm just about feeling comfortable there now. I made myself a promise to do 3 mths weigh ins and meetings (except if im on holiday of course) I'm not expecting weight loss this week but i will still go. Good luck on Friday honi and buy some Hi Life Rocky road bars when u r there. They are 1.95 for a box of 5, u can have 2 a day as ur healthy extra B or they r 3 syns each bar.
    Best of luck xxx
  16. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    18th June 2014 - 1 day till SW Day!!!

    Just popping my head in!! I'm too pooped to do a full post.
    I had an awful night last night, so much so I swapped my shift today for a short one, to do a long one tomorrow and hope I get a better nights sleep tonight.

    Here's my intake for the day.
    Screenshot (4).png

    Screenshot (5).png

    On a long shift tomorrow. I've made an amazing looking Turkey salad to take with me. I'll try and do bits of a post throughout the day in notes so I have something ready to type up when I get home. I'm not going to let tiredness and work interfere with my motivation and my supporters on here!

    x Kayla x
  17. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    oooh I forgot to chop them! I like the idea of freezing the muller light, that's a great idea thanks!
  18. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    I've heard a lot about these Rocky road!! They sound divine. 1.95?! That's pretty cheap considering that's 5 days of a HEB. I'd probably have them for breakfast as well, so doubly cheap! I was thinking of buying a 6 week countdown outright, to make me keep going. I can't get a 12 because of holiday in August. But I think 6 weeks at time is good, to test the waters and see if it works for me. I can not see it not working for me, it always has in the past and I have a better frame of mind this time round.
    How are you getting on? have weigh in?
    Thanks for the luck

    x Kayla x
  19. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    2 rocky roads = 1 heb
  20. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Hi dropping by to subscribe and follow your journey :)
  21. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    Noooo two? I better buy a couple of boxes! :D

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