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Pigging out!


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I've been on slimmign world since may, which is..5 months, now does anyone else find that after a certain amount of time they just needed a break! Ie a week or two just to NOT be dieting and enjoy yourself? Ive been doing that these past 2 weeks, and have put on..5lbs! eek! Lol but oh well, I really think its a good idea to just let yourself go for a week or two, i think its helped me refocus and remotivate- Ive had my fun, aka chocolate bourbons for breakfast (Im a student, dont judge) but i feel so much more excited about being back on he diet again!

Anyone else find they need a few weeks of being 'off' slimming world to find their motivation again?
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This time around I have only been on SW for a few weeks and not at that stage yet, but I have dieted many times in the past and had the same thoughts myself.

OFC it probably doesn't do your health much good physically for that couple of weeks, but if eating like a piggy and putting on 5lb in a fortnight actually mentally helps you to lose more over the following weeks and months, and to do so happier and finding it easier,then it is a great idea!

My problem has normally been that after my 2 week 'anti-diet' i struggle to get back onto any kind of diet plan, all my hard work and weight loss goes out the window, and I end up far fatter and heavier than I was beforehand!! lol
I joined SW in September (This year), just 3 weeks before my birthday and 4 weeks before going on holiday :rolleyes: Perfect timing!!!:rolleyes:

Although I behaved quite well on my birthday, the cruise holiday and 5 course evening meals :eek::eek: were my 'little' blow-out.

After all the rich food I was actually looking forward to getting back on plan....But after only 4 days away, I found it really hard. I have done, but found it REALLY hard to get my head back on track.
It's probably because I hadn't been doing SW for so long and wasn't really 'in need' of a blow-out.


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2 weeks is a long time to have a 'pig out' - I reckon a nice visit to the chinese making reasonably healthy choices once every couple of weeks won't do your weight any real harm. I do this and i've lost weight every single week for the past 8 weeks (ok, one of them was a half pound but it was still a loss - every other loss has been at least 1lb or more!)

You *can* maintain this way of eating and maintain your weight and still have treats. if you think of it as a 'diet' or restricted, this is when you find you need your 'pig out'.

I reckon a nice day off once a month isn't going to do anyone any harm, but I don't think I would do 2 weeks of eating rubbish unless I was going on holiday or something. And even then I would probably naturally make healthier choices than I used to when I was much more overweight.

Did you know that 'they' say (whoever 'they' are) that it takes around 2 weeks to get your head around a new routine, but only 2 days to break it?
Hi guys,

When I am going away on holiday I try to be VERY GOOD the week before I go and loose as much weight as possible, so when my holiday is over and it is weigh in day I may have only put on a pound or two rather than 5 or 6 pounds.

It works for me.

Lyn x


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Funnily enough I've been doing SW since April and decided that I would just have today off! But I shall be back on it tomorrow. 2 weeks is a long time! But draw a line Hun cos if you don't it would be so easy to go back to square one again.
I wouldn't intentionally have a 2 week pig out. It would be too hard to get back on track and I would be disappointed to put weight back on without a good reason like a holiday (and even then I would try to have very good days to make up for treats).
If it works for you I suppose that's ok, but I definitely wouldn't do it myself, pus I think SW allows lots of opportunuty for treats.


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Can I just point out the first week was exams and second week it was my birthday and i started a new job so was settling in a routine, i didnt pig, but wasn't on the diet!

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