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I love pilates. It is very good for toning, and strengthening and really works your core muscles. I think that is the diff between pilates and yoga, and yoga seems to be more meditative and spiritual. But it also works and tones well.

I have a Pilates CD I like....very basic but a good little workout called Pilates for Dummy's. :D

Its a great exercise for someone like me, with bad arthritic conditions. Its very important for us. But works well for all!!

Have fun!
I love Pilates - I've been doing it for about 3 months now. Definitely helps with core strength and toning. Don't be fooled by the "more mature" ladies that you tend to get in classes - they are rock hard!
the flippin class is cancelled!
got myself all psyched up for it too
never mind, will start next week
daisy x
Love pilates. Really good for my bad back. Yoga is a bit more 'spritual' which isn't really my kind of thing. Plus it tends to require a little more flexibility which in my experience can lead to more injuries.

Hope you find a good class. Think you'll really enjoy it. I certainly do!!
Hi Daisy,

I second what the others have said ... it is really enjoyable and helps to firm up your core ... so a flatter tum!

The lady who takes the class i go to gives 3 versions of each exercise so you can do it to your own ability.

ooh interesting. I've been wondering about this too. I went to a class a few years back but didn't go again because I was by far the fattest person in the class and I was so selfconscious.

I'd love to give it another try to try to strengthem my lower back and hips but can't afford classes as I'm not working at the moment. I wondered about getting a DVD but wondered if I'd do myself an injury without proper tuition if you know what I mean.

Hope your class isn't cancelled next week Daisy!
I have the Darcy Bussell Pilates DVD and it's really good. I also go to the odd class which I think helps with my technique when I'm doing it on my own but generally it's really easy to follow and I've not done anything injury wise yet!!

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