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Pile your plate or portion control

As the title says do you pile your plate or use portion control??
I speak to some women who say they are sitting down to mountains ,i know they say you really can eat as much s and ss but im still finding that part hard.
I think part of its down to me getting used to eating meals again as for along time i was just eating junk and snacking.
I have no problems snacking on as much s and ss between meals just actual meal times.
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Portion control for me, I wouldnt pile my plate anymore plus too many veg etc gives me terrible belly ache.
I lost my weight eating large portions, I can eat a lot!
However, I do a few things - I use smaller plates than I used to and I weigh pasta and rice before cooking but only so I don't cook too much. I eat 100g pasta which is a lot but I could eat more!

I didn't do portion control whilst losing, however, recently I have been thinking whether or not I need all the food I plan to have at meal times. I just love food and want it all!!!
i think a sensible portion should be the way to go - making sure 3rd of your meal is superfree foods where poss if following EE!

I think too much food, you feel unwell anyway - esp stodgy foods like pasta - the better route is eating slow release foods, like wholegrains etc - so you feel fuller longer x

i always do the 20 minute rule, if i am not full after 20 mins of finishing my meal, then i have a fruit or yogurt.....i find most times i am full though!!! :D



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I'm having mountains at the minute!! I started with the mountains so I was too full to snack on all the usual evening goodies I used to have like chocolate etc etc. However I had planned on cutting down when I'd got used to not snacking because when I went off plan last summer I put on an obscene amount of weight in a very short amount of time... If you can gobble a mountain of health food you can gobble a mountain of unhealth!!
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When I started I piled it high, because I could. That is the beauty of SW- no guilt whatsoever as eating lots- I firmly believe that for me that was the success.

I have gradually reduced those portions over time, but not through force- I still have the odd 'pile' but always on plan so no guily feelings follow.

I can never get used to cooking small portions- I always make a huge amount, but no longer eat it all- I put what is left in tubs and have leftover lunches or freeze it for a quick 'readymeal'


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I'm a portion controller! I do what CP does and make more than I need so I know I've got a healthy lunch/ready meal waiting for me!
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I've read that there's been a study that people eat the same weight of food every day, so say you eat 4lb of food normally which includes chocolate/fats etc. So when you first start healthy eating you need to keep the weight of food the same, and also to keep the way you eat the same. If you were a grazer then it's no good forcing yourself to be a three meal a day person!

So that's how you start, once your body and mind are used to the new foods you can gradually cut down the size, if that doesn't work then you increase the amount of veg.

That's why drinking a glass of water before or with meals works, you're fooling the brain into thinking it has had the same weight of food, but just having a glass of water on it's own won't have the same effect.
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I have eyes-bigger-than-belly syndrome, and will always make more food than I need to feel full. Never knowingly under-cater, that's my motto!

In days gone by, I'd have eaten everything I cooked. I had that 'must cook, must eat' mindset. Sometimes I did save some for freezing/lunches etc but then I'd cook even more! lol!

Now, I portion control. I have to, otherwise I won't lose weight. I'm pretty near target so it's harder, I find. So, I still cook a lot, but have a smaller portion on a smaller plate, with lots of superfree foods, and then if I'm still hungry, have seconds. I'm usually not though!
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I have as much as I want aswell, didn't even think of cutting down! But then if i am full from dinner i think to myself that i won't crave other foods after! (Doesn't always work like that tho! hehe ) x


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i portion control and weight my food like pasta and rice. Also if I have left overs I tent to freeze them like bolange, chicken etc. I also have started drinking a glass of water with my meal as well


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If I'm really hungry I tend to do a big plateful, but I often can't eat as much as I think I can, and have to leave some. I don't have mountains but I do like a decent sized dinner.


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I also weigh my pasta and rice. 250g per meal for a family of five. This is one of the reasons I think I inadvertantly have red and green days without realising (I am an EE girl).


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I control the amount of carbs, 100g of pasta/rice, which is more than enough. Regarding superfree foods, I restrict on fruit but not with vegetables.
I pretty much eat the same amount of food now as I did before SW but it's much more healthier due to cutting out processed rubbish and fatty things.

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