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Pink patch?


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I wouldn't use them. I got a free sample and they really don't work anyway. But considering they are supposed to up your metabolism by making your stomach acid kick in etc I would say that it would be a no-no. I tried using one whilst on LT (I love being a guinea-pig) and I felt dizzy all day and this was after being in ketosis for 2 weeks. Once I had taken it off and everything settled down I was fine.
They are utter, utter bollox! We only lose weight if we put less food in our mouth, sticking pink plasters on your arse will do nowt luv xxx

Save your cash and concentrate on lipo babe x


I will do this!!!
Apparently the pink patch has been banned from advertising on facebook because they started selling to too many girls under 16. They dont work anyway!!!
I wouldnt risk it to be honest

Awwwwwww Cankster i wanted to stick a big pink plaster to my arse! will write WACADAY on a normal one and wear that instead
I wouldn't risk it! LT once ketosis kicks in cravings should be curbed. Good luck
If you have your free sample, make sure you cancel the subscription or you will get more and get billed............. its how they make their money!!!!


I will do this!!!
Its a little patch which is made out of "natural" things like seaweed and it apparently helps with weight loss
Don't bother. I tried them and I looked up all the ingredients annd while they all have the fat burning and appetite suppressing qualities they claim to have when taken orally there is no evidence that they are effective when absorbed through the skin. Make sure you cancel that subscription with them ASAP
I subscribed to them and found that i couldnt get them to stay on, i'd find them in my bra or something!! I tried to stop the subscription but they keep sending them and billing me....!
contact your bank to cancel it that way.......... ******* they are!
These were on my local news.. they keep sending them and force you to keep paying.. loads of people had been ripped off. you should ring asap

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