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Pink - Tripping on pebbles rather than climbing mountains


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So, this is my first post, I suppose that I should introduce myself.

I've always been overweight, and it's gradually just been getting worse. I've decided that now is the time to do something about it. I've tried various diets over the years and nothing's stuck, but I think that I'm old enough and mature enough to realise that I have to change my entire life.

I've just finished my first year at university, my goal is to be slim for graduation in two years time. I do not want to walk across the stage after 3 years of hard graft looking the way I do now.

I'm trying to eat healthy, and do exercise, which I suppose is the obvious thing to do. If anyone knows any decent low-fat/healthy recipes that don't involve nuts, seeds, or red meat I'd be really thankful. I'm in the process of creating a whole new book of recipes to live by.

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hi pink, good luck with your weight loss, i really wish i'd have started sooner with my weight loss when i was at uni last year.. its the perfect time to do it really as although you're busy with your assignments and stuff its ten times more hectic when you're working. looking back i really wish i'd made use of all the free time i had and all the chances there are to do cheap sports and try new things :) ah well, i'll have to make up for it now, but good on ya for takign the initiative and getting started :)
Hey Pink! :) Welcome to Minimins, great to have you on board! This forum is great for motivation and positivity! :)

Good idea re the recipes I would love some myself, I am currently eating healthy/exercising and is doing my the world of good but feel that I am eating the same things day in, day out, it's weird that you just get into a routine aye?

Well good luck and keep posting! Do you have a weekly weigh in? Kirsty xx


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Welcome to the site!

Thats also the reason im trying to lose weight, although my graduation will be in october haha.


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QueenoftheDamned - Thanks, yeh I can't imagine having to balance work and beginning a totally new diet n way of thinking, I'm hoping byt he time I graduate I'll have a healthy routine in place. What did you study?

3stonetogo - Thanks, lol. Yeh I agree, whenever I've tried losing weight before I've just stuck with the same 2 or 3 recipes and it's totally soul destroying. I'm spending a lot of time on google looking up promising recipes. Is there a recipe thread on this site? If not someone should make one, it'd be a great resource, it's always better getting recipes that others have tried n tested. I will be doing a weekly weigh in, and working out how to update my little tracker do-dah.

Ria - Thanks. Oh wow, good luck, you seem to be doing pretty well so far! What you studying?


Today was an OK day, ate really healthy, resisted the temptation of chocolate shortbread and icecream. Didn't do ny exercise though, I spent the day hammering and scraping paint off of a ridiculously intricate railing thing, that took alll freaking day and now my arm is in agony, lol.

Big plans for exercise tomorrow...well a walk and a good old bounce on my trampoline anyway.


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Studying social work hun, final month now! lol
hey pink, hows it going? good i hope :) i did law at uni, was pretty dull tbh but helped me get a decent job in insurance which i start a week on monday (atm im enjoying my last week of laziness, bliss!). ooh and you're right, stick to this and by the time you've graduated you'll have picked up a new routine that you can keep up for the rest of your life, it really will be worth it! :)


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Social work and law students? You two make me seem like a proper hippy! lol. I'm doing English and Creative Writing.

Ria - Final month! Wow, is that all dissertationy type stuff or exams? Must be amazing to be that close to completing everything!

QotD - Congrats on the job, you'll be raking it in. Have you bought some fabulous office clothes to go with your ever slimming bod?

A degree and a new way of life, sounds pretty good to me. Plus, you know, when I'm this amazingly famous author I want the photo in my novels to look good right? *snort*.


TEMPTATION! I had to drive through the KFC drive-thru today. TWICE! My mum has a raving migrane and was craving KFC so I picked her up and drove her there, sat in the car as she ate it and then drove back through so that she could pick something up for her husband. I then went home and had a salad pitta. If that's not determination I don't know what is.

Just walked into town to buy some new comfy shoes that I'll be testing out on a 2 mile walk later. I'm also gone have a half an hour bounce on my exercise trampoline thingy.

Off to eat some raisins....lol



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Thanks Shanny, congrats on completing yours!
damn, you did awesome on the KFC front! i dont think i could watch anyone eat a KFC without having some myself, lol. ooh and your degree sounds really interesting, i love writing in my spare time and eventually i'd love to write a book (though not sure on the subject matter yet, maybe my fabulous 12st weightloss *dreams* :D).

oh and as for office clothes i havent really bought any new ones yet, i had some from my old job and im going to probably try and manage in those as long as possible, seems silly to buy more clothes in the size i am now when in a couple of months ill be the size smaller (hopefully).. infact tbh i have most bizarre assortment of clothes in my wardrobe EVER.. they vary in size from 26 to some size 16 jeans that ive never fit in in my life! so yeah, untill i hit the size 14's in, ooh, 100lbs time, im probably alright for clothes, but of course ill buy some along the way to encourage me :)

hope you're having a good weekend, everytime i think of you on the mini trampoline i laugh because i remember my experience with one of them when i bounced on one in sports soccer twice and it totally gave way and destroyed the springs.. never been as embarrassed in my life! i later found out most of them have a 18st weight limit, i guess i need an industrial strength one or something! funyn how now im losing the weight i can laugh at all this, wehere as before it'd make me feel sad :) its great to finall be doing something about it and accept the fact im fat but im changing it!

right, im off to make sugar free jellys!


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The KFC thing was sooooo hard, my car still smells of it!

Ah fair enough, yeh twould be silly to completely kit yourself out when you're gona keep on losing weight I spose, lol.

Omgosh, you killed a trampoline? I'd be devestated, but yeh, pretty funny to look back on!
I bought the trampoline that had the highest weight limit, lol. 2 of the springs seem to have gone a bit funny...dunno if it;s me or if one of the boys did something to it, but it's still workable. proper knackering though, which I suppose is a good thing.

I made some jelly last night, might go and have some now actually! Good plan!

Weighed myself today, have lost 4lb since wednesday :D


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And writing a book, yeh, twould be awesome. I have dreams of becomming a best selling author...but I'll probably just end up being a teacher, lol.

Have you read Jemima J, by....um...Jane Green, it's a really good book about a woman who loses like an epic amount of weight...from what i can recall...about to reread it now.


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ohh i love books like that, just read one think its called a fat girls guide to life? anyway i didnt enjoy it as much as i thought i would because it was basically all about how you should be happy the way you are etc, and i dont want to be! lol


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Hahaha fair enough. I spose some people do want to be happy as they are. I probably would be if it werent for the health implications, a twenty year old student shouldnt have gammy knees.

I really have the munchies right now, normally i'd have half a mug of porridge, btu we've run out of milk. There's ben and jerries sitting in the freezer too!

dried apricots...bleugh.


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I've never been happy fat, never would be, just this time ive had to do something about it! I had an apple for my snack about an hour ago! lol x


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And boy oh boy are you doing something about it, from 17st to 14 already, you must feel pretty damn good.

Today is going to be sh*tty. It's mum's bday, so of course we're going out for dinner, and I have to go and buy/make cake, probably buy so that it doesn't make the house smell amazing and taunt me.

What am I supposed to eat when we go out for dinner? We're going to Strada...

Oh well, I'll stop moaning, I'll just have to go for an extra long walk and do some proper bouncing on the trampoline to make up for it I spose.


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So, I'm gona have a whinge. I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, lol.

We just went out for dinner at Strada (Italian) for mum's birthday. I was looking for something healthy on the menu and there wasnt really anything in the dinner section, so I decided to have a starter instead. The only even vaguely healthy thing there was king prawns in chilli sauce and a slice of grilled (read horribly burnt) italian bread stuff that I cant remember the name of.
The prawns still had eyes, and legs, etc. Had to shell them at the table. Also, apparently I really don't like king prawns.
So whilst everyone else was tucking into their creamy rissotto or plate sized pizza that's what I was eating....

I did however have a slither of bday cake, and I'm planning a slither of birthday cheesecake later.

Whine over...

How's everyone else doing? x
It's good to have a whinge now and again! Don't worry you will thank yourself when you weigh in on the scales! :) xx
hey hun, you did so well! first resisting the KFC and now that italian, thats willpower! you're doing great! its a pity they didnt have any oither healthy options on the menu, whenever my family has curry i end up sat their with just a chicken tikka starter, but oh well, its the price we pay to lose weight and feel fabulous, and once in a while as a treat it wouldnt hurt neways :) hope you've had a good day. im going to get that book when i get paid at the end of the minth (broke till then), hopefulyl reading something inspiring will help motivate me. i'm the same as ria in that i hate those books that are all about accepting yourself at whatever size. when i started i was 22.5st, if i accepted myself and stayed the same i'd be a heart attack waiting to happen. yeah im not gonna beat myself up over how fat i got anymore and ill appreciate ymself, but i dont think at 22.5st i should be saying "ill just stay as i am", its a c op out if you ask me! anyways, lol, thats my take on it!

hope you had a good day! :)

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