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Pissed off... What can I do :(

I had today off work because I've got loads of stuff to do... one of the things is to chase up a house I've been trying to buy... one of those shared ownership things...

I called the guy and asked him if I'd been allocated one... he said that the Borough it is in has kicked up about me being referred because I EARN TOO MUCH??? WHAT???

I'm 21... with NO savings... OK, I earn more than most people my age (around £31k) but HOW ON EARTH can I EARN TOO MUCH ...?? Surely that is a good thing???

It's really pissed me off, because I can't afford to rent somewhere in London, and I can't afford to buy 100% of somewhere on my own...

I really need to move out of home because I currently live with mum and brother and they do my head in. I just don't know what to do :cry: the guy said he is going to try and get me one and it could be that I do get one... but he said not to hold my breath - he is going to give me a call tomorrow and let me know :sigh:

I'm gutted... if I don't get one my only option is to rent a tiny little studio flat somewhere in London... or move out of London so its cheaper, but that would mean I would have to move from all my friends

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If nothing else is possible go with that studio flat. You need to move on, you know you do and any space that is yours and yours alone is better than nothing!

There, thats my thoughts on the matter!

sounds familiar! I also tried to do that but in the was refused. What I ended up doing was buying a 2 bedroom place and rented a room out for 6 months. You really do grow into a mortgage and you manage even though you think you wont. Do you know anyone who would rent off you?
I really don't want to rent a room out... the idea is to have my own place and have freedom. I need my own space because I'm fed up of locking myself in my room because I don't have a living room to myself.

... And I just went and ate a chocolate biscuit ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH
Sorry Claire I really don't know a solution to this one, never heard of a situation where you can earn too much ----- just wanted to send you big hugs as you sound really down xxx


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Claire , they say everything happens for a reason , now , with the housing market its dropped 5 times , now just hold tight and see what happens , might thank them in the end , but yes i have heard it depends on how much you earn on shared ownership , i think its a case of doing the waiting game maybe rent private if you can't be around mum and bro , before you kill them lol


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I am in the same boat. Grrrr am hoping with the house prices dropping and the financial situation that maybe next year I will be able to sort something out.

I have also looked at renting studio but they are soooo expensive for what you get.

Hope you get some good news about this soon.
I'm seconding Tange on that one, you look gorgeous in your new pic --- good on you :D

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