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Green Days Pizza Express and HEA


Just joined MiniMins but been lurking for a while and doing Slimming World since Febuary.

I'm off to Pizza Express tomorrow and I've saved my syns, so will have 33 syns at my disposal or 43 if I stay Syn free on Thursday (my WI is Thursday night, so probably will stay syn free).

Anyways what I was wondering, was if I could minus 6 syns off my pizza as a HEA for the cheese?
And if I don't have another HEA that day could I then take a further 6 syns off or is that really pushing the rules haha!?

What I'm planning to have is:

Crostini Al Pomodoro 8 1/2
Leggera Vitabella Pizza 25
Sotto Zero 9

So a total of 42 1/2 which would just keep me in my weekly allowence but would be even better if I could minus syns for my HEA.

I probably won't need any food for the rest of the day but if I do it will be melon and salad, for sure.

Thanks for reading.

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I probably won't need any food for the rest of the day but if I do it will be melon and salad, for sure.
im not sure about the answer to your initial question but i would definately advise you to eat normally the rest of the day, cutting back too much by just eating melon and salad will not benefit you as your just creating a yo yo effect for your body. have some decent syn free / low syn meals and you will probably be better off for it. remember your not on a 'diet' and generally the peolpe who loose the most each week are those who have food diaries as long as your arm!

Mrs V

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I have to agree with Abigail on this one. Dont starve yourself before the meal Hun, as this will make you more prone to giving in.
I would have thought that there would be more than an allowance of cheese on the pizza too, so best to put a few more syns aside for that as well.

Most importantly though is that you enjoy yourself rather than thinking that you shouldnt have a good time.

i think you can actually ask for a half portion of cheese on your pizza now which will make it a lot more slimming world friendly


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one thing i try to do, before i go out for dinner, is eat quite a lot before i go!! like have a chicken salad about an hour before you go out, and a banana just before i go, then im relatively full and even when i order what i want, i can't eat a lot of it! also, drink a pint of water too.

also, another thing i do is order something spicy, because if it's hot i can't eat too much of it! haha!
I would use my hea to take some syns off. If you always have 2 hea's then you could use them both towards the cheese on your pizza.
How did you work out the syns for the crostini? I am going to pizza express this evening and was thinking of having the nostrana salad not eat the avocado and have it with no dough sticks and no dressing and count the chicken as HexB. I would love the melazane parmagiana if anyone knows the syn value - I'm on a green day.
Thanks everyone! I only deducted one HEA as there was not much cheese and low fat Mozzeralla at that!

But I lost 6 1/2 pounds this week, my biggest ever loss! I got my stone award and I was slimmer of the week, woo hoo!

My two biggest losses have been when I used my full 70 syns per week, which I need to start getting my head around, I thought that because I'm a wheelchair user, with little upper body movement, I'd need to have fewer syns, but I've certainly been proved wrong, Slimming World, is so ace!

Sorry it's late SussexBeth but the Crostini's syns were from Lifeline Online.
Hope you had a lovely time at Pizza Express.

And thanks again everyone!
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