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Pizza Express Diavolo


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I was going to have a leggera pizza for dinner tonight but they dont do it takeaway. So I checked on my ww online and the diavolo pizza was said to be only 7.5pts.

Now I have had that and it was very nice thank you - but with the meat on it etc my gut instinct (please excuse the pun) is that the points must be higher than quoted on the ww online site.

Would someone with an eating out guide please just check it out for me. If I have blown my points cos its a mistake then I can amend my points for the rest of the week - today is day 1 of my second week you see.

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I have just read somewhere that the calories in it are about 828 :eek: Now that just can't be 7.5pts. I think i feel sick! That could actually make it one of the worst.


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So it is 7.5pts? :eek:

Well I suppose the truth will tell on the scales next week.

Thanks x
Im totally confused now.... Pizza Hut say their points calculation is per slice of pizza but Pizze Express doesnt but youre right on the PE website it says 828 cals... so Im wondering if the 7.5 is half a pizza???

The WW friendly one is 7.5 but it has a salad in the middle of it... Id double check the online calculator and see if it mentions portion size


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It says "1 Individual classic Diavolo Pizza".

I have emailed them for clarification.

I am just going to have to reduce my daily points allowance this week to make up for it. I am disappointed though. :break_diet: I would have not bothered had i realised. Its a shame you cannot rely on their info.

Heed the warning.

Thanks for your help Starlight x


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Oh dear God! So with my light mayo at 2 pts i have nearly had my whole days allowance in one meal. :sigh:

Its been my first departure off plan in the 8 days i have been doing it. And I had planned it so I was on plan. Clearly i was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off the mark. :break_diet:

Well, tomorrow is another day and i shall have to cut right back.

Thanks again x
I think thats shocking though, there are probably loads of folk getting caught out like this... can you imagine going there even once a month - 10 points over what you think... WW should be ashamed of themselves... its 17.5 in the guide from 2 years ago and drops to 7.5 last year and this year (yes I DO have that many books lol)

Do let us know what they say when you contact them...


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It may be one of their tricks to ensure you lose your weight more slowly so have to stay with them longer! Hm, there's a thought.:mad:
just replied to this on the other thread - diavolo is one of the worst options as if its the meaty one i'm thinking of, it has spicy beef on it which is processed and absolutely dripping in fat.

you wont find any pizzas other than the leggeras under 10 points because the dough will rack up massive amounts of calories before you even consider your topping x

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