Planned binge - any preparation I should do to come off plan?


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Don't panic I'm not planning on comfort eating my own weight in ice-cream or chocolate!

When I was about to start LLL I told my LLC that I had a meal booked for a posh meal (14 courses) on 1st March. She did not seemed bothered but has offered no advice or support regarding this. I have asked if I can do total afterwards to get my weight loss back on track and she is happy to do this for a week or two.

In re reading the LLL booklet it says that you have to re-introduce food gradually at the end of the diet as reintroducing too much food too soon - and too much carbohydrate in particular - can be detrimental to your health (quote from p62).

I'm worried now and don't feel I can trust her. I have called LL who promised to all me back today but I have not heard from them.

I wish I had not read this passage now but there is no way I can ask for a low carb version of the meal but feel if I should have gradually reintroduced food it is too late now. This once in a life time treat is now something I am dreading.
Mmm LL head office had promised me yesterday that they would call get someone who could answer my question to call me today. They could not speak when I called as they were running a recruitment event.

Now it is 6.30pm so I doubt I'm getting that call.

I'm thinking it must be fine but I would have thought for the sake of good customer care they would have called back if they could not answer my question.

I think I might be crossing over to slim and save :-(
What I have learned about LL - is that they treat their customers like people with no self-control, no thought processes going on and manically dependent on food... they expect their customers to have ONE SLIP and that would be the end of it. While I agree that for a majority of cases this is very much true (probably was for me when I was doing LL the first time) - this isn't true for everyone.

The plain truth is - the gradual introduction of food is designed to ease your body and mind into a healthy way of thinking and approaching food. Abstinence makes us have double-crooked thinking, we get AFRAID of eating and could feel GUILTY about it - which enables the normal-crooked where 'I've blown it all now and that's the end'.
Route to Management is for people who are coming off the diet for good. So I fully advise you to follow the plan when you're done!

Implications of your meal:

Mental: This is a ONE OFF. I think you seem fairly level headed and prepared that this is a one-time meal (while doing the VLCD anyway). Set yourself a plan for the next day - a promise that you'll go back on packs.

If you're worried about health implications - there are none unless you are drinking alcohol. Do not drink alcohol in ketosis. So eat something first before that and you should be ok.

Personal experience: I took a planned evening meal off on Valentines Day, ate many carbs and drank wine. Felt a little bloated and a teeny bit hung-over the next day, continued on the packs and felt absolutely fine the day after that. Still lost my 2lb that week.
Moral of the story? Don't worry about it - enjoy yourself, you won't get ill just from eating more than you're used to over the last few weeks. Get back on the wagon the next day and continue. :D
The bloatedness? It's that normal water-weight we forgot that exists - it'll be back when we're back to 'normal' life, just it'll feel like a shock to have it on you again for a short while!

Good on you to prepare and ask questions though!! x

I hope this helped. LL aren't gods and aren't exactly fully medical professionals. After my first long abstinence in 2008, I just can't go back to the meetings because they feel like 'brainwashing'.
I'm just thankful S&S exists - because it enables ME to take control of myself, rather than LL having some iron claw over how I think and react to things. It's quite liberating to be in change and not feel guilty over one day off - should I need it! :)
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Bless your heart Minerva for this detailed response. This I very reassuring and I now wonder if it is just a marketing ploy to scare people off just giving up on the plan and ensuring they do the maintenance.

I will be back on the packs as soon as I can as I have to get to my goal weight by the end of March. I doubt I will lose weight after this meal but I've "budgeted" to stay the same but we will see :)

I had text my counsellor the question as well and she has replied

"You'll be safe, but I doubt you'll be able to eat it all! Its really on the Total Programme when a client has had no conventional food at all that the stomach atrophies and they sometimes experience bloating and stomach cramps. Its also not very common, so enjoy yourself and don't be worried"
:D You see, nothing to worry about. You seem like a very down-to-earth and sensible lady, I know you'll be fine. :)

I hope you have a wonderful time that evening - enjoy it!