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Planning for Crimbo


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How does everyone plan on making it through Crimbo?

Will you stick to the plan all through the festivities or will you let your hair down and repair any damage afterwards?

I plan on losing as much as I can before hand, sticking to plan and doing everything that I should be doing until we go away (we go to my sisters for 12 days the day before crimbo's eve) but once there I will enjoy myself and eat as everyone else does.
I don't drinks as much as the rest of the family anyway so my syns will be kept down a little by that.
Last year I did this and gained 3lb in 2 weeks. I came back, got back on plan and lost the 3lb in my first week back. Personally I feel this is the best way to live and once at target to also maintain. If I deprive myself I know I'll become resentful and will probably end up doing even more damage in the long run by binging.

So what does every one plan to do in order to cope and also enjoy themselves?
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I will weigh it as normal Tuesday, and also stick to plan on Wednesday.

But Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day I am totally off plan.

From Sunday 27th I am back on plan 100% again actually giving me 3 full days to repair some of the damage I may have done!

Whatever my weigh in is after Christmas, I will have NO REGRETS at all. Anything I put on will come off again, and I will have had a superb Crimble with the folks :)
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well hopefully it will be easier this year than last, as I am not cooking my Mum in law is and i am staying at hers so she gets ss milk in etc but its xmas and as long as i get back on plan after then i will enjoy myself
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I'm going to have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day and N Y Eve off plan. I did this last year and only put on 3 lb over the 2 wks and was very pleased with that.
I'm hoping to be at Target before Christmas, and I don't want to put loads of weight back, but would be Ok about 3/4lbs and would hopefully lose it within a few weeks.
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I haven't given it much thought yet. We're off to a friends for Christmas day who is also doing SW so I think we'll have as SW friendly dinner as possible, going to make SW pigsinblankets to take along. I don't drink so wont go off the rails there so it'll be more nibbles and all the parties we have over the season that could cause a downfall but I will try to remain as good as I can when at those where I can choose all the others I will just try to use my syns. That sounds like I'm staying on plan as best as poss, I'm not really an angel
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Im having xmas day and boxing day off and then getting back on 100%. We see family we dont see all year on those two days so im just going to let loose and enjoy it. Anything that goes on will come off and ill have had a thoroughly good time to boot.


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I am going to try and stick to plan as much as possible.
I am planning to do the Christmas meals in the new mag over the festive season and try to limit alcohol intake, so if there will be any gains it won't be much.
On our works do, I will choose what I eat carefully and cut back on alcohol as last year I had way too much of both!
I really am hoping to be on target by the end of the year, so I will really try but if I don't make it I won't mind as it won't be too long after that.


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It's just going to be me and DH this Christmas - so I am going to do EE and try to stick to the plan, although I may do flexi syns for Christmas Day.....but, I really would love not to gain weight if i can help it this Christmas.
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Im planning on being super good as much as I can over xmas, with the exception of the 4 christmas parties/meals we are going too and christmas day/boxing day. Will try and be good on christmas day but can't see it happening! x


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Going to stock up on the veggies for main xmas day lunch, no snacking or alcohol until after 7pm and hopefully curb any weight gain without looking like a party pooper - got 2 days at mother-in-laws and then 2 at my parents so will be sticking as much as possible. All the little things catch me, a few mince pies, a couple of sausage rolls, a few choclates, some walnuts, some chcolates etc etc and last year i polished off nearly the whole cheese board on my own! (maybe that was it!!)
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I usually go out for about 5-6 meals before Christmas but as money is non existant this year, I am not going on any, so Just Christmas Day to enjoy. 3 courses of gorgeous but sensible food which is going to cost me about 19syns for the whole meal and maybe some chocolates later on, but only if I buy them lol.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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i am going to try and stick to plan as much as poss . am doing a 24hr sponsered fast on the 18th dec from 7pm to 7pm the next day to get money for fast for africa . my work christmas dinner is at 7.30 on the 19th so needless to dsay i will be ready for it but am not going to go 2 mad !! as for xmas i will prob do ee.


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S: 15st2lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 3st1lb(20.28%)
I do a lot of walking over the Crimbo holidays. We'll have 3 kids aged between 5-7 all staying together, so the only way to keep our sanity is to take them to the beach and tire them out....lol. Then bath and bed :D

I also get to do a lot of shopping as my sister is a shopaholic (especially at the local Next and M & S shop) and I don't have a true shopping buddy where I live at the moment so I get my fix when I stay with her....especially in the boxing day sales :D This year hopefully more clothes will fit me.
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i will have christmas and boxing day of, then back on the plan following day, x
Christmas Day and Boxing day will be totally anything I fancy days. (Although I'll be driving for 2 hours Boxing day morning to the in-laws and then the morning after Boxing day back home so I probably won't drink at all. I looove Schloer though, so that will be a nice treat. :)

Also we are out with a meal with my parents the weekend before Christmas as they are abroad for christmas itself and I have the work meal. I won't drink at these two either, but I will eat what I fancy.

Any damage done will be repairable, hopefully by mid-January I'll be right back on track. :)

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