Planning Will be Key


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I've decided to go back to red and green days and am finding that planning will be key. Me and OH plan our evening meals for the week anyway from the SW recipe books but, because I'm am slightly dyslexic and majorly dyscalculic I get confused trying to work out my breakfast, lunch, dinner, HE's and syns plus remember any daily tasks and appointments.

I've done a table on the computer with the days down the side then I'll colour the first box red, green or orange for the day I'm doing, write my breakfast, lunch and dinner plus any syns/HE's in the next 3 columns then in the last column any appointments for the day and stick it on the fridge each week.

I also need to arrange blood tests for underactive thyroid but am a wuss and really scared. Last time I had a blood test was my first and the dr couldn't find a vein in my arm so did it in the back of my hand.
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Good luck with it! I find planning in advance really helps me too, I'm awful with numbers and sometimes find it difficult to work out syns so I find sitting down and taking some time out to do it really works.

With the needles thing, once you get in there and it's over and done with you'll be fine.
:) I used to be terrified of needles! It can be scary but you've gotta think of the bigger picture and it's only 5 minutes of your life. I'm sure you're a lot braver than you give yourself credit for. Best of luck and hope it all goes well!


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Good luck. Organisation is definately needed and I think that what helps keep you on track. Also having a pack up plan B when things go t*ts up