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Plans for today?

Sounds like fun !

Apart from doing battle at the hospital, taking someones car for it's MOT, shopping in Iceland, grooming my old mare who is losing her winter coat, spraying my 7 dogs with flea spray, that will be a nightmare as they all, apart from the 23 year old who is a deaf as a post so doesn't know what is going on, can not hear the whoosh, behave as if they are being murdered, doing some weeding and right now going to make an SW omelet for breakfast.


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Ive just had my ususal brekkie and Im waiting for a man to come and screed the bathroom floor so I can have cushion floor laid.

I had some cheap floor tiles fitted totally chose the wrong ones everytime any water on them they leave white dusty marks and look a mess (they are dark grey). So Im covering them up

Hope everyone has a lovely day!!!:D
Been for a walk this morning, trying to get in a bit of exercise, then ironing this afternoon, really boring!

in the mean time I am found with my head stuck in a book, my favourite escapism :)


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Just had my 4th cup of tea, working till 12, then headed off to the dogs home to get Hugo some kennel cough drugs. Then quick walkies before I start work again. Then I have to mentally prepare for the inlaws coming round for tea tomorrow night! Me and my big bloody mouth - "yeah sure, come round Thursday".

Shame the weather is so gloomy today, and what's with the cold snap!?!?
Today is the first time ive had a day at home to myself since my LO was born 14 months ago. She is at her grandparents for the day, so ive already been to morrisons, hoovered the house, cleaned and hoovered my car (which was beyond diagusting!!), prepared tea - so juicy mixed herbs with veg and mash, sorted mine an my daughters room out, sorted her toys and been to the tip. Now debating whether i can b bothered to go to the gym. I know i should but mentally i really dont want too :-(
Having a good old clean out, filing things away that have been hidden in drawers etc, then off to the gym later!

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