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I'm in my 4th week of CD and so far haven't cheated. I'm childless this week as it's half term (the kids have goen to spend the week with a friend so I don't get riped off by childcare. As this is the first time in a long time hat hubby and I have spent alone together I really want to do something nice one of the evenings. We've been to the cinema already this week and I'd like to do something where we can go out and spend time chatting. The weather hasbeen awful so a nice country stroll is out so the only other option is to go out for a long leisurly meal - neither of us drink alcohol so an evening sitting is a pub is also not an option (I distest pubs anyway - noisy smoky places).

If anyone can suggst what we can do I'd be grateful ,otherwise I'm going out for a carb laden meal this evening - I'm starving and all I keep thinking about is food LOL

Would a low cal ceasor salad kick me out of Kitosis?
If you just want to chat why dont you stay in and cosy up for the night. Get all curled up together and chat.
I love this weather so I would just wrap up and go out for the walk.
You could go bowling not exactly quiet though.
Massage and an early night wink wink.
Away to a hotel room with a nice open fire to snuggle up by.
We're used to getting the kids to bed early week nights, so spending the evening curled up on the sofa is the norm in this house. Also our local bowling alley is akin to the roughest pub in town so thats a no-go area as well.

But thanks for the suggestions, it's keeping my mind off food (sort of LOL)
Hi Essexmum

Are you on your AAM week? If not why don't you may help with the hunger to have a little extra.

You are right to be thinking this through. When I have cheated the times it has been planned I deal with, enjoy and don't feel guilty and although sometimes it's tricky get back on fairly quickly. The times it just happens are harder to come to terms with I feel bad physically and emotionally and it is harder to get back on track.

It would be much the best thing to choose an alternative treat. I love one of those his and hers massages that you can get but it would take some planning unless you can DIY it!!!!!

What about bowling that can be fun but if you wish to have quiet chat over a drink and meal maybe you can still do so within the plan and have chicken or white fish with green salad no dressing.

What about the theatre often they have standby tickets we are off there now gotta go in fact and a sparkling water to follow.

Hope you think of a nice treat and if you do plan to cheat be sure to enjoy it so that it is worthwhile.

Dizzy x
Are all the pubs near you really that bad?
I went to a pub quiz with some mates last night which was really fun.
I just drank mineral water last night and we won so I ended up £10 richer too!
You don't have a Borders bookshop near you do you?
They often have Starbucks in, and the atmosphere is really peaceful at night.
How about going to a posh hotel for a cosy evening in their bar by the fire. There must be a hotel you wouldn't normally go to near by. You can have coffee's or fizzy water and just cosy up and chat in a nice environment.

I know what you mean about pubs being smokie but hotel's are normally not that bad as you tend to get residents relaxing there rather than lads and lassies out for a booze up.

Personally I wouldn't go off the diet at this stage but if you really want to why not go to a tapas bar or a chinese and just order a couple of protein or veggie dishes you can pick at rather than pigging out.

I really really would steer clear of carbs if you can - you will only kick yourself later.

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself