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Plateau after 4 weeks


Feeling a bit meh this morning. Just weighed in and STS.
Not a happy bunny.

I ate late last night as was so tired after a 12 hour shift, and I had been up since 4am (2 egg omelette with bacon and peppers at 11pm). A WS day was definitely needed.

This week has been a bit mental as I had two wines on saturday at a night out and some crisps and nuts (I knw, I know), and some Chinese spare ribs on Sunday. Also had nightshifts, and very long days. But on these cheeky days I only had one or two packs, and so even without ketosis I kept the cals down

Anyhow, was on the scales last night and looked to be 2lbs down, but no, this morning definitely STS.

So anyway, to get to the point, I have kind of mixed feelings about this - I am happy with the overall weightloss (17lb in 4 weeks) but gutted about it not being more.

I was going to add a meal this week, but don't want to now :(

Anyone had the same?
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If you saw 2lbs less yesterday then you KNOW you are 2lbs less then a STS, the scales can only weigh what is there ;) Seeing a STS today could be down to retention...nibbles you have had in "transit" ready to be a poop! (Sorry haha!) Nuts are scarily high in cals and demons for helping water retaining but oh they are oh sooooo lush ( one of my downfalls!)..but I am almost positive you did not eat 3500 extra cals over your maintenance cals to put on a real lb of fat ;)

I am almost positive if you jumped on the scales tomorrow they would not be a sts. From my years of calorie counting I did learn that a plateau would not just be one result hun....its if after a few weeks things are sticking that it would be time to chop things up a bit.

You have had such amazing losses don't ever lose sight of that x


Gotta Make A Change
What Divster Said!!! :)
Aw fankooo. I know, I am so happy with overall progress, would have been fine with a 1lb loss....but at least I haven't put anything on!

Sod it. I will add a meal. I feel like I need a boost, chicken salad for tea tonight :D

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