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Hello everyone

I'm hoping for some hints & tips from you as I seem to have hit a plateau.

My first target was 19lbs, and I managed to lose 1 stone (it sounds more impressive worded like that!) at a loss of 1-2 lbs per week - so I'm really, really happy.

I have now stayed the same weight for the last month though. If I'm honest I am not being as strict as I was before - I guess I feel better now I can see the effects of the loss - so I should be happy that I haven't put any back on I guess.

I just don't know how to give myself a jump-start to shift the next 5lbs.

Anyone got any good advice?

Thanks xx
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Mrs V

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I wish I could give you some advice Hun, but Im in the same boat. I can say hand on heart that I have stuck to plan 100% although the last few weeks, I have developed a pattern.
Im going to the Gym 3 times a week, so even though the weight isnt shifting the inches are.
A chat with your consultant should help.


Wishing and hoping!
I have found the ratio of more veg then meat/potatoes (whatever plan your doing) can really help
also drinking water as well and if your on green measuring the carbs - e.g 100g of pasta, 1 potatoe rather then too


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I seemed to have reached a plateau as well - a couple of suggestions:
Reduce your syns?
Cut out a B choice?
Back to day 1 - weighing and measuring?
I follow mostly green days as I am a vegetarian but am going to do a few EE days each week.
Hope this helps?
Thanks guys
All really helpful advice.

I think I will re-think portion sizes (thanks ilovelife) and also perhaps cut out a HEXB (thanks Irene) although think I will find this one hard (would I need to do this every day or would it help if I just did it every-other day or something?)
Pesty, I hadn't thought that it might be because my body might have adjusted to my new shape / weight - makes sense really (and explains why I've steadied).

I'll try these tips for a couple of weeks and let you know how I get on.

Good luck you guys too xx

Wacky Jacky

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Hubby and I have had quite a few "plateaux" weeks during our weightloss / maintenance journey with Slimming World, but we've known we've been 100% on plan, and that we've stuck to our body magic plan at the same time. (We've lost over 11st between us now!)

Slimming World do KNOW this happens from time to time for us all, and they have "tools" at hand to deal with it! I would suggest you talk to your Consultant if this happens to you! He / She will be able to help you!

The Diary sheets are really great tools, recording everything you eat for the Consultant to check over from time to time for you, to ensure you're not making some inadvertent "errors" in valuing syns, or when eating something you think is "free", but may not be!

The SAS logs are also really great tools which are in place to ensure you're REALLY 100% on plan, when you think you are! These can often show up something you just might not be completely be aware of?

Looking over your Food Optimising book! This is one of the best tools we have at Slimming World ~ Just really reminding ourselves of all the little bits of advice we thought were "revelations" at the start of our journey, but we may well be just "skipping over", now that we think we've got to grips with the plans!

Changing from one plan to another for a week or so? Maybe change from Extra Easy to Red? That might just "jog" your body a little, give it the "nudge" it needs! Looking at the "Success Express" plan, which can REALLY give your body a "boost"!

If all of these things don't work for you, and you KNOW you've not been kidding yourself with any of your actions ..... there's always the "Fast Forward" option!

The advice about drinking enough water, increasing your excercise and so on ARE all really good things to do though! ...... Good luck to anyone who is a bit "stuck" at the moment! Please just stick with it though, and you'll get there! :eek:


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and also perhaps cut out a HEXB (
I wouldn't recommend this. HEXBs ensure we get a regular dose of essential cereals. They are necessary for a healthy diet and should not be something you cut back on (especially when there are unhelthy things that are taking their place!)

It sounds to me like you don't need help with the plan- you know how to do it, have succesfully lost on it so far and admit that you haven't been sticking to it.

So....maybe you need a psychological kick up the bum. Write down all the reasons why you wanted to do this in the first place (healthy, looking better in clothes, bad photos, getting out of breath, etc etc) then write down all the reasons why you don't want to stick to it (restricts life a bit, feel guilty at eating certain food, etc). See which list is bigger. Remind yourself of the reasons why you want to continue OR accept that you are happy to stay at the weight you are now and don't fret about losing any more- it's your choice



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first i would say write everything down, i wouldnt cut down your syns just make sure that when your writing stuff down your being honest with yourself and not having a little nibble or anything here or there that isnt going on your food diary. i hit a plateau last time and then the second i got to target i actually lost 3lbs and was below target (typical!) sometimes your body needs a little shake up. my mam hit a plateau recently and she was being sooooooo strict. 10 syns a day, same food all the time etc.etc. then she had a week where she was a little bit fed up had a small blow out and managed to kick start the loss again. im not suggesting you do this but sometimes you need to relax a little on plan. def keep up with the healthy b's theyre there for a reason!


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hi i heard sum 1 say 2 night at class about fast forward, when u hav been stuck at the same weight!! u should ask about it at ur next class!!


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S: 11st6lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.13%)
i would persevere before using fast forward as it is very restrictive


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I had a couple of weeks with no loss aswell, whilst seeing my GP Nurse (who is also doing SW) she suggested changing my food intake, like she said, when you get to know what you are allowed you sometimes get stuck in a rut of eating the same old things over and over. This was true for me and i re-read my books and came up with some new menus and this week i lost 2lb! Seems it was good advice. I don't like the idea of cutting down on syns, because if you do that everytime you stop losing, you will end up with no syns at all, and when you up your syns agin you will be likely to gain. I always do EE but next time i level off i might try mixing the plans.

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
S: 16st7lb C: 10st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 6st5lb(38.53%)
The "Fast Forward" is another "tool" Slimming World Consultants can use with you to get your weightlosses a wee boost! It is a pretty constricted "diet" plan, rather than a Food Optimising option. You stick to a point system (but not the same as Weight Watchers) ~ you can only get onto this by talking things through with your Consultant, and usually only once you've shown you've been recording your eating habits on your food diaries, done an SAS log, tried varying the plans and still haven't been getting the results you've been looking for ..... well, that's basically what it's all about anyways, and it shouldn't be followed long term, just for a week, or maybe two at a push because it is so restrictive, like a DIET!


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Hey Queen of plateaux here. I managed to maintain for months. That would have been great if I was at target but I'm not!! In the end I took the drastic action of at the end of the day having recorded my food intake, i popped it all in a calorie counter on www.myfitnesspal.com and was staggered to see that even though i was keeping to plan I was consuming in excess of 2000 calories. For me at my height and weight , that was an over eat of 800 calories a day if I wanted to loose weight but the right amount to maintain. Out went the uncle bens rice for lunch at 400 odd calories and other high caloried processed "free or low syn "foods.However I knew i didn't want to count calories so I decided with extra easy to weigh out my portions of pasta, rice, cous cous, etc as according to amount on packet. With potatoes I weighed out the amount you would be allowed if doing a red day i.e 197 gms. Bingo for the first time in months the weight shifted for a couple of weeks. When i hit plateaux again I did an excrutiating week of FF, again loosing 2lbs. I have now been the same again for a month so i will go back to being more meticulous about weighing carbs again. It is interesting when looking at SW recipe books how much the portion sizes vary. For example in one rice dish it allows 56 gms per person and in another it allows 80gms. So my motto would be don't always have the same amount of carb for each meal Vary it according to how much other ingredients your recipes have.
Thanks guys. All great advice.

I honestly feel more motivated now!

I'm going to go back to basics and be really good for the next couple of weeks and see how that works. I'll vary my foods a little (I have got stuck into a rut I think) and write everything down including all syns! I think I've got a bit lazy with this as I feel so used to it now.

Fingers crossed!

thanks xx


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This post is really inspiring, and I hope to all those maintaining that it starts to shift soon. I often remember something my consultant said about all the changes going on inside the body even if the scales don't move. I sometimes sit and imagine the fat disappearing from round my organs, and dissolving from inside the arteries and it gives me motivation to resist the "bad" stuff when my willpower is otherwise tested by a small / none-existent loss.
I was feeling very low this morning because I know that I've "blown it" over Easter and am expecting about a 3-4lb gain, but I'm now re-motivated thanks to all the great support on here. Sorry to hijack the thread btw x

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